Raquel Leviss Believes Lala Kent’s Relationship With Randall Emmett Has Made Her “Materialistic”

Lala Kent is on an absolute path of destruction this season on Vanderpump Rules. She is demolishing anyone that stands in her way. So far this season we’ve seen her attack James Kennedy, Billie Lee, and poor Raquel Leviss. She seems to especially pick on Raquel who has done nothing more than simply stand by her man. Is wanting to believe in the person you love really that awful?

A lot has changed in Lala’s life recently which could explain the change in behavior. Her altered attitude can be attributed to her father’s death, and going public with Randall Emmett. However, do those things mean she gets a free pass? Has Lala actually changed? Or are people simply jealous that she has a PJ? Thankfully, the Bambi eyed bitch Raquel is shedding a light on Lala’s new attitude.Raquel appeared on the Vanderpump Rules After Show and did not hold back her thoughts on Lala. She said, “It’s frustrating. I feel like the Lala that I knew last year was a nicer person than the Lala I know now. She kind of makes me feel like I’m not as good as her or like she’s better than other people, which obviously I don’t think that that’s women empowerment at all.”

It’s hard to argue with that. Last season Lala was mending a lot of fences she broke in the past, but this season she’s tearing them down. Her meltdown at Billie’s brunch was both insane and unprofessional.

Maybe Lala’s real issue is that dating a wealthy older man went to her head. Raquel says, “Ever since she came out with being with Randall and dating Randall and that actually being her relationship instead of lying about it, it kinda changed her. I feel like she’s involved more with like materialistic ideals, and maybe that’s changed her way of thinking too.”

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Whoever let Bambi out of the forest to play gets a gold star. We love a feisty Raquel. It would be fun to see her get to stand up for herself without Lala storming away. Perhaps Raquel and Lala play a part in Jax Taylor’s dramatic reunion teaser.

Raquel also no longer believes Lala is about women’s empowerment. Raquel says in the interview, “She used to say that she was a feminist like last season, and then this season she’s not really making that claim anymore.”

It’s actually really fun to see Raquel fight back against Lala and her baby bottle antics. We laugh when Raquel gets angry, but it’s still a just cause.

Honestly, anyone that refers to a private jet as a PJ is probably a little materialistic. However, we will leave the judgment of Lala to Raquel. We’re just along for the first class ride.

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Tom Sandoval chimed in also to praise Raquel saying, “Raquel has been really f***ing awesome this season. She really surprised me with her just wittiness and kind of, I don’t know, I’ve been really impressed by her.”

It’s not shocking that Raquel is doubting Lala’s feminist claims. Is attacking your fellow women in the feminist handbook? We’re guessing that’s a NO. Lift each other up. Don’t tear each other down.

Also, let’s not forget that Lala made sure to mention her dress during her most recent blowup. Did anyone care that it resembled Jennifer Lopez’s long ago Grammy dress? Didn’t think so. Who even thinks of that during a fight with someone?

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