Jax Taylor IS Vanderpump Rules. Nobody has given us more over seven seasons than Jax. Whether it’s his bad boy beginning, or his newfound changed behavior; he delivers. He tweets his thoughts at all hours and frequently gives fans insight on behind-the-scenes happenings. If anyone is going to be upfront with us about the show, it’s Jax.

Let’s face it. This hasn’t been the greatest season. The saga of everybody versus James Kennedy got old fast. Everyone seems to be growing up and getting their lives together. THIS IS NOT WHAT WE WANT. We miss when the group was constantly at odds. We miss the explosive fights and meltdowns. That is what we need. Thankfully, Jax spilled secrets from the reunion taping, and the tea is HOT.

Jax unleashed a serious of revealing tweets about the reunion, and we’re so thankful. Nobody SURves the tea better than the former reiki lover.

In the first tweet ­Jax sais, “This is the best/worst reunion we have ever had, the amount of all out brawls and we are only halfway through. I had no idea it was going to go this way.”

WHAT COULD HAVE POSSIBLY HAPPENED? A fight between Lisa Vanderpump and Kristen Doute would be iconic. Kristen seems very done with LVP’s grudge holding this season.

Jax reiterated the intensity of the reunion in a second tweet saying, “Never have we had a reunion this f***ing crazy, I feel like the season was not even as bad as this reunion is.”

It’s a safe bet that Lala Kent probably unleashes holy hell on James and everyone associated with him. Lala and her baby bottle have been on the warpath lately. Nobody is safe.

Another person who probably went hard at James is reformed bully Katie Maloney. James’ initial spiral this season was a result of Lisa firing him following a totally not hypocritical ultimatum from Katie.

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Jax quoted a fan of the show who tweeted “my dear god”, saying “I said the same thing to the producers just now. “Dear God” is this really happening?”

Alright, Jax. You have our attention. Something extremely dramatic needs to happen after all of this Twitter hype. Someone needs to punch out one of their costars. We don’t condone violence, but PLEASE.

The anxiety-inducing teasers from Jax didn’t stop there. After the taping Jax appeared on a now-expired Scheana Marie Snapchat story.

Scheana was telling fans “We all survived,” when Jax popped in to reply “Barely.” The teasing has to stop. Maybe some longstanding friendships crumble at the reunion.

Jax finished his cameo on the Snapchat story saying, “this is the f***ing craziest reunion we’ve ever had in our entire seven years of being in this show. Hands down.”

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The current season isn’t quite over yet so maybe a lot goes down that we haven’t seen yet. Clearly, something popped off to make this upcoming reunion so jaw-dropping.


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