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Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave Wants To Write A Health And Fitness Book

Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave is well into her second season as a Housewife. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star had a relatively easy first season as far as rookie Housewives go. Other than some drama with Dorit Kemsley over her lateness and their silly disagreement over proper stemware etiquette, Teddi emerged from her first season relatively unscathed. Teddi has even formed a BFF relationship with Kyle Richards and she was the newly favored cast member of Queen Lisa Vanderpump last season.

What a difference a year makes! After Teddi’s shady involvement with Puppy Gate, she is now persona non grata at Villa Rosa. Just this week, Camille Grammer called Teddi a “know-it-all” in her talking head. And like last season, Teddi is once again grating on Dorit’s nerves. So, Teddi is finding out the hard way this season what it really means to be a Housewife. One bright light for Teddi in all this is that her accountability coaching business seems to be booming. And she is even considering writing a book related to her passion-health and fitness.

An article from Bravo’s The Daily Dish, shared Teddi’s responses to Instagram Story questions. One follower asked if she would ever write a health and fitness book.

Teddi answered, “When the time is right. This past year has truly been about being present with my family while also filming a TV show and running a big-ass business.” I am not sure that “big-ass” is quite the way to describe a business about fitness, wellness and losing weight, but Teddi probably doesn’t use the term on her website. But we all know tactless Lisa Rinna would!

Teddi goes on to say, “When I started the show two years ago, I would only take on 40 clients at a time and had one coach working for me. I thought that’s all I wanted and refused to take on more. I realized after the first episode aired I couldn’t just stay where I was because so many of us want and need to make that change.” Which sounds very altruistic, but the cynic in me wonders if Teddi didn’t also see the reality show exposure cash train rolling at full speed and decided to take advantage of it. Nothing wrong with that!

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Just how much has Teddi’s business grown since becoming a Housewife? In her Instagram story, Teddi shared, “That’s when I started promoting clients who graduated into coaches and having them complete the training program. Now I have over 40 coaches and

thousand of clients. It’s truly incredible but I want to be in the right mind space when I write my book.” Kudos to Teddi for pulling off what so many other Housewives have struggled with-turning television notoriety into seemingly genuine business success.

So, what could Teddi call her hypothetical book?  How about, “Health, Wealth and Happiness: Secrets of a Know It All?” Or, “From Rock and Roll Princess to Rock and Roll Fitness?” Maybe the ever verbose Teddi could title the book, “I Can Keep Talking Longer Than You Can Keep Up Your Excuses For Eating That Piece of Pizza.” We all know Teddi can deliver on that lofty promise!

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Just a few tips for Teddi on her future book. While I appreciate that she actually takes the time to write a Bravo blog, sometimes she gets a bit, shall we say, “wordy.” And her need to always be right can be a little trying. So, a good book editor will be key.

Teddi summed up her thoughts about a possible book by stating, “So many of us want and need this support and helping people lights my soul on fire. So I want to keep my focus directly on business for a while longer.”

So, Teddi is telling us her book will not hit Amazon next week, but it is a definite possibility for the future. Apparently, Teddi must want to actually be involved in the writing of her book. Hasn’t any other cast member told her that is not mandatory for a Housewife book? That’s a rookie mistake Teddi-not something one would expect from a Season 2 veteran!

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