Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave Takes Erika Jayne’s Side In Lisa Vanderpump Condolence Note Drama

It’s no secret that Lisa Vanderpump is going through a lot this season. She unexpectedly lost her brother, and she’s on the outs with most of the cast. However, nothing was more surprising than her out of nowhere issue with Erika Jayne. During a cast trip to The Bahamas, Lisa confronted Erika over the condolence note she sent. Considering Erika was one of the only ladies not drumming up drama for LVP, it was kind of shocking.

Lisa thought the note should have had more substance to it. Erika thought it was her way of opening up. Housewives have called Erika cold and distant many times over the years. Erika seemingly knew this would become a problem and took a snapshot of the note before sending it! It’s a delicate situation, but that did not stop Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave from picking a side. 

Teddi recently spoke to OK! Magazine and weighed in on the Bahama drama. When asked whose side she was on Teddi responded, “I think, you know, probably Erika because here’s the thing, you have to think about their relationship.” Their relationship didn’t start off well considering Erika called Lisa a sniper from the side during her first season on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

LVP frequently defends whomever Erika has a problem with (Dorit Kemsley, Teddi), so they don’t have the best relationship. It’s more surprising that despite their rocky history Erika sent her anything at all.

You never know what to fully expect when someone is grieving. Teddi touched on this saying, “She reached out to her and here’s the thing, when I’m in a situation like that, you don’t know how somebody’s going to respond.”

Well, it looks like they will respond with an out of nowhere ambush at brunch! The way Erika shoved her plate during that scene was such a mood.

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Teddi ended the interview with a last statement regarding the note drama. She said, “You can reach out and you can say I’m here for you, and then you leave it to the person that’s mourning because If not. I personally don’t want people down my throat when I’m upset about something. So I think she was really just trying to be kind.”

The accountability coach has spoken. Erika is NOT accountable for Lisa Vanderpump’s feelings. Just like Kyle Richards is not responsible for Lisa Vanderpump’s f***ing actions!

Erika has a lot going on right now anyway to be too concerned with not meeting Lisa’s standards. She has a new makeup collection and a new shoe collection coming out. She’s a busy bitch.

Lisa has much bigger issues within the group right now. Most of the cast believes she set up Dorit with the dog drama, and her alleged plan is unraveling. Is it possible that LVP’s grief made her plan more transparent this time? Could the ultimate chess player be losing her touch?

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Hopefully, Lisa doesn’t continue this fight with Erika because it’s just such a sensitive subject. Erika might have to unleash her powers and eviscerate her, and that sounds terrifying.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]