50 Cent Feuds With Lala Kent & Randall Emmett; Says Randall Owes Him $1 Million

Lala Kent has been very open about her sex life with fiance Randall Emmett. On one episode of Vanderpump Rules, she told Stassi Schroeder about the first time they met. She auditioned for an acting role, they went out after, and as Lala so eloquently put it, she let him “hit it on the first night.”

She revealed, “I let him hit it on the first night and we were inseparable. He would just send me really expensive gifts. The first night we banged, I got a car the next day. He was like ‘Do you want a Range Rover?’ and I was like ‘Yeah.'” So who bought that car? Was it Randall or did he pay for it with borrowed money from 50 Cent? 50 Cent claims that Lala’s man owes him $1 million dollars. And he has been extremely savage with his Instagram trolling. Turn on some post alerts. 50 is really going in.

50 posted a clip of that scene with Lala and Stassi along with a pretty brutal caption: “10 seconds left in the 4 quarter hoe’s are Winning. Do you want A range rover, yes, bitch yassss. Then just run out and suck a dick. LOL smh.”

Lala responded with an Instagram Story that she deleted, but don’t worry. We recorded it before that and wrote don’t everything she said.

Lala told her followers, “50 Cent decided to post a clip of me from the show Vanderpump Rules talking to a cast member, who’s my friend, about what I do to keep my relationship spicy. When I saw this, not only was I disgusted, but I was in shock because my fiance has been there for 50 in really dark times. But, the other thing is that 50 took a clip of me talking about what I do behind closed doors with my fiance and used it to diminish the validity of the Me Too movement.” Ummm, she was talking about this herself on an internationally televised reality TV show. The anecdote is not “behind closed doors” at this point. Unfortunately, for all of us.

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Lala concluded, “That I will not stand for. If you have been affected by a man like 50, do not be quiet. We will not be silenced. I have your back and we need to let these f*ckers know that they are not safe. Once they think they’ve silenced us, we are all fucked.”

After that, Lala and Randall stayed away from social media, but 50 posted 98345353 times about this feud. The rapper shared texts (allegedly) from Randall apologizing for owing $1 million dollars. Randall also said that he wasn’t feeling well and he was headed to the hospital. He also kept referring to him as “Fofty.” Thanks, autocorrect.

In another screenshot, Randall mentioned that he asked 50 to be in his wedding. Just imagine 50 walking down the aisle with Stassi by his side. Well, that’s clearly not happening now. 50 shared, “@randallemmettfilms sent me 250k today but I want all my money Monday f*ck that, if he ain’t got it he can put his Rolls Royce on the truck to NY. The friend shit isover rated.”

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Then, he started posting memes. 50 shared, “look at this fool taking selfies, you better get me my money fool.”

50 took things to the next level when he posted, “Hey how is the Range Rover? There’s no difference between Harvey Weinstein and Randel Emmett! This is reality, not reality TV. Bravo Bitch.” Wow. He also spelled Randall wrong, but that’s not the point.

50 outdid himself when he posted a photo of Randall in the hospital with the caption “Your not gonna die before Monday @randallemmettfilms go ahead knock your self out. LOL.” This is bringing a whole new meaning to the album Get Rich Or Die Tryin.

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50 Cent Someone updated Randall’s Wikipedia page with some new information: “He owes 50 Cent (aka Fofty) a million dollars by Monday or else. He’s faked a heart attack to get out of this thus far.” And, yes, 50 shared this screenshot on his Instagram page as well. He. Had. Time. He’s just short on money.

Just in case Randall doesn’t pay him back, 50 is hoping to profit off of this feud. He is selling t-shirts with screenshots of the text conversations.

Just for good measure, 50 posted another Vanderpump Rules clip. It was from the scene following Lala and Randall’s temporary breakup. You know, the time she complained about him taking her Gucci slides. Other than that, Lala told Katie Maloney and Brittany Cartwright, “Guess what, honey, there’s a lot of dick for me to suck to be on a PJ. No matter what, I can still live that life.” Yikes.

Along with that clip, 50 wrote, “I’m not gonna say a word.” How long is that going to last?

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[Photo Credit: CHRIS DELMAS/AFP/Getty Images]