Kandi Burruss Dishes On Why Marlo Hampton Would Be A Good Housewife

Marlo Hampton has pretty much been a fixture on Real Housewives of Atlanta since she started popping up in Season 4. Marlo has always appeared as either a guest or Friend of the Housewives. Let’s face it –Marlo loves nothing more than shading a co-star or spilling all the tea. She never fails to bring the drama.

Marlo didn’t disappoint during Season 11 of RHOA. She was told by one of Eva Marcille’s bridesmaids that Eva and her husband didn’t live in the town home featured on the show, and that the couple has severe financial problems. She gifted Eva some wedding shade by telling NeNe Leakes and Tanya Sam all about it. Marlo also targeted newbie Shamari DeVoe. Marlo told Shamari (and everyone else in the world) that Shamari has a drinking problem. Of course, Shamari did get drunk and vomit all over Eva’s shoes and NeNe’s bathroom at NeNe’s party. Before that, Marlo tried to give Shamari some unsolicited and unwelcome fashion advice. As viewers know, Marlo prides herself on being a fashionista.

But one RHOA Housewife would love to see Marlo become a full-time Housewife. In a video interview with People, Kandi Burruss explained why Marlo would be a good fit.

“You know, I mean to be fair to Marlo, I feel because I was actually, you know, producing another show a while back that she was supposed to be a part of. I feel like nobody has ever given her a chance to tell her personal story and that’s the difference between a housewife peach-holder and a friend of the show–like you get to see our personal life story outside of the group and I feel like she definitely has an interesting story.”

When the hosts asked if Kandi thought that Marlo would entertain the possibility of becoming full-time, Kandi was quick to answer. “I think she definitely would…yeah. I know she would—she [was going to be] on another show,” Kandi stated. The hosts thought that perhaps Marlo wasn’t comfortable sharing so much of her life with the audience. Kandi replied, “Yeah, but I mean, she’s…she’s been taking the heat just for being a friend, so she might as well get the benefits.” Spoken like a true business mogul.

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Marlo does have a bit of a checkered  past, and has been arrested seven times. She was charged with aggravated battery and served six months in jail. Could this be the reason why Marlo has never been elevated to holding her own peach? It is certainly possible.

But not so fast! Another Housewife isn’t sure about what Marlo brings to RHOA. In an interview with Ebony, Cynthia Bailey praised Marlo’s fashion sense. “I think Marlo definitely brings her fashions to the show. That’s her whole thing. You know that’s what she loves and I think it’s great to have somebody who’s really into fashion on the show,” Cynthia remarked.

“I think she definitely became the bone collector of the season. She definitely stirred the pot.”  Cynthia added, “In my personal opinion, I think that anyone who’s holding a peach… I think you have to be willing to share your life. Completely. Your personal life and your private life. And, I don’t know if Marlo is willing to do that.”

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I find it hard to believe that Marlo wouldn’t want an upgrade to full-time. I guess the fans will have to wait and see what Season 12 brings.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]