Real Housewives of Atlanta hasn’t been up to par this season, but there was some drama, at least. We saw Porsha Wiliams get engaged and unleash the news that she was expecting a baby with Dennis McKinley. NeNe Leakes threw a “Bye Wigs” party and then ripped off a camera man’s shirt because Porsha and Kandi Burruss went into NeNe’s closet. Really –what is in that closet?

Viewers watched Eva Marcille marry Michael Sterling in an extravagant wedding, but their honeymoon was short-lived. One of Eva’s bridesmaids, Seannita, was spreading some gossip about Eva and Michael’s financial situation. Of course, Seannita called Marlo Hampton to disclose this information. Nothing brings Marlo more joy than spilling tea about a co-star.

Marlo, who is only a Friend of the Housewives, invited NeNe and Tanya Sam over to gossip about these rumors. Marlo even called Seannita so that Seannita could spill all the tea for the Atlanta Peaches. Apparently, Eva is only pretending to live in the townhouse that is featured on RHOA. She actually lives in a “raggedy little house.” And Eva and her man supposedly have bad credit and other financial woes. The ladies agree that Eva needs to hear the news from her “big sister” NeNe.

At the opening of Kandi and husband Todd Tucker’s newest OLG restaurant, Tanya takes Eva aside and tells her what the streets, and Marlo, have been saying. Later, Eva and Michael tell NeNe that they live in multiple homes because Eva is allegedly being stalked by an abusive ex, who is the biological father of her daughter, Marley.

Marlo took to her Instagram to defend her choice to reveal what she had learned about Eva. But first a warning–the grammar and punctuation are a bit rough in this post. (Prepare to embrace your inner English teacher!)  “So because I bring info to the group I’m messy, unhappy & jealous, PLEASE! I stated what the streets was saying, just like these girls have done to me for the last 6 years, however this tea came with RECEIPTS, so why would I not bring it to her Big Sis who could let her know her business was being spread by her supposed best friends & bridesmaids,” Marlo wrote.

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Marlo continued, “Even some of her so called new friends were giggling when they heard the tea, but so concerned when spilling it to her. And to show y’all how messy I’M NOT, I didn’t even share all the documentation/proof I was given.” Oh, Marlo! I have a feeling that these receipts will be on display at the RHOA reunion.

Marlo also took a moment to address all the vile allegations that have been spread about her. “I’ve endured so many nasty LIES about me in this group of women, I date old white men, I’m a prostitute, NO — What I am is a single woman that dates men that I’m attracted to of any color! I came on RHOA with a Black Man, Charles Grant, I was the breadwinner in the relationship, The white billionaire they love to mention was my boyfriend for over 4 years, he courted me for 6 months while I ran my store the Red Carpet Boutique, we were in love, it didn’t work out, he broke my heart.” Marlo shared.

Marlo wrote, “Please give me a receipt, a picture, a screen shot of me being a Ho, Prostitute, Escort… I’ve been waiting for 6 years, seriously, show it!” She added, “I’m a #FactStater, I say what they’re thinking and do what I want. Is my delivery the best, No, I’m working on that, but it’s always truthful & without malice.”

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The comments on Marlo’s Instagram post were mixed, though most seemed positive. One follower said, “And there you have it!! Facts are facts!” Another follower disagreed, saying “No thanks!! You are messy. Just because something is true doesn’t mean it’s necessary to say. I get it. Your way of being relevant.” Yikes!

Marlo always creates drama and has no issues fighting with any of her co-stars. Maybe next season she will finally earn a full-time position and her very own RHOA peach to hold.

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