Real Housewives Of New York Recap: Life Is A Cabaret

Luann de Lesseps Shoots Music Video With Lisa Rinna & Cynthia Bailey

The buzzword for the Real Housewives of New York this season has been “cabaret.” If Luann de Lesseps  is not promoting her cabaret act, another cast member is talking about it. On this week’s episode, Dorinda Medley, Tinsley Mortimer and Bethenny Frankel even thought about using “cabaret” as the secret word to drink on at Luann’s new house. Which might not be so appropriate at the home of a newly recovering alcoholic. But, as they say, life is a cabaret!

Before Luann was an internationally famous cabaret star, she was just a simple girl trying to promote her music career and become the Autotune Queen of the Dance Charts. Although Luann had some past success with the song Money Can’t Buy You Class, she never really reached the heights of music superstardom. Now, Luann is launching a new single in her quest for fame and the music video for it is starring a few of our very own Housewives.

A picture from last week’s Los Angeles music video shoot for Luann’s new single was just released in a People photo exclusive. And who is starring in her music video? None other than the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Lisa Rinna and the Real Housewives of Altanta’s Cynthia Bailey! Luann, Lisa and Cynthia are posed in gowns-in classic Charlie’s Angel’s style-in what looks like a fashion showroom in the photo.

And you might be wondering what the name of Luann’s new song might be? It is Feelin’ Jovani. I guess “Feelin’ Angry About My Arrest, Rehab & Probation Violations” just isn’t as catchy for a song title! And the courts might not look favorably on Luann arrogantly thumbing her nose at them. Again. Plus, promoting the Jovani clothing line, which Luann has worn on stage, might result in some fashion freebies.

How did Luann choose Lisa and Cynthia for her video? Well, Cynthia is beautiful and elegant, so she would be a great addition to any music video. And Lisa? That one is bit more difficult to figure out. I would assume that Lisa’s qualifications were 1. She was available. 2. Lisa lives in Los Angeles. 3. As exhibitionistic Lisa would show up for the opening of a toilet seat, it was probably easy to convince her to participate.

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Did Luann snub her co-stars in the making of her music video? As they don’t appear in the photo, it would seem so, but we will have to wait for the video release to be sure. Couldn’t Luann have found a spot for frequent cabaret guest star/strip tease artist Sonja Morgan? Or a part for Dorinda, who hooked Luann up with Jovani in the first place? Maybe Luann was afraid that Dorinda would spend the whole video shoot heckling her. Jovani! Jovani! Jovani!

Will Feelin’ Jovani be the ticket to Luann rocketing to the top of the music charts? Probably not, but it might bring her some good publicity at a time when her legal troubles are mounting once again. And now Luann will have another song to add to her cabaret act. Coming soon to a city near you-unless the courts say otherwise!

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]