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Candiace Dillard Slams Ashley Darby For Her Lack Of Authenticity

The Real Housewives of Potomac has been The Candiace Dillard Show so far this season. Her unique relationship with her mother has been one of the highlights. Also, her wedding was so over the top and gorgeous in every way. Watching Candiace fight with her mom was cringe-worthy, but SO entertaining. We hate it for her, but we love it for us!

It’s refreshing that Candiace is honest and upfront about her opinions of her costars. If she thinks something about someone, they’re going to know about it. She is authentic and tells it like it is at all times. This may only be her second year, but she is coming off like a seasoned vet. Only three episodes have aired so far so there is A LOT to come. Despite it being early on, Candiace’s opinions of everyone are STRONG.

Candiace recently appeared on the Domenick Nati Show and dished on the other Potomac ladies. SHE HELD NOTHING BACK. NOTHING AT ALL.

When asked about Gizelle Bryant’s claim that her mother pays for everything, Candiace got very candid. “I do know that Gizelle is very, she likes to be dramatic, and she likes to insert her personal opinion on things in her very dramatically flared way. My mother does not pay for everything. She has been a great support in my life. I have no college student loans because my mother and father were able to pay for my degree.”

Wait a minute. Candiace fired back at Gizelle by proving Gizelle’s point? That’s a little bizarre. if you keep furthering the narrative, how can you be upset people think your mom pays for everything?

Gizelle wasn’t the only target in the interview. It was habitual liar Ashley Darby that Candiace had the most to say about. She said, “Someone who is probably a challenge to not get into some drama when we’re in the same room, and you’ll see this all of Season 4 is Ashley. Ashley and I had a time, we had a bit of a time together sort of matriculating through the season. There were some moments where I felt like there was a lack of authenticity in her story and in her delivery of what was happening in her life. Especially because Ashley has purported herself across the board to be the person that calls everybody else out on their stuff.”

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Ashley always wants to carry the bones, but can’t take anyone prying in her life. Candiace echoed that sentiment saying, “When it was her turn to be in the hot seat, I just assumed because she was so open with everyone else’s business that okay now it’s your turn. You’re gonna be open with your own business. You’ll see how that plays out throughout the season.”

How can Ashley not think her husband’s sexual assault scandal wasn’t fair game for the group? It’s a two way street in Housewives. If you give, you must be able to receive. Period.

Candiace also stated in the interview she finds Ashley to be the least trustworthy. “It’s not so much trustworthy as, do I believe you? Do I believe anything that you say? Just based on the way that you carry yourself, especially you know when you’re going through adversity with the group and within your own family, how honest have you been about what you’re dealing with. I found it very difficult to take what she was saying seriously and to believe what was coming out of her mouth a lot of the time.”

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However this all plays out during the season, Candiace is clearly NOT the one to mess with. She and Ashley seemed great on a recent Watch What Happens Live appearance, so her comments are slightly shocking. MESSY MESSY!

Not surprised about Candiace and Gizelle fighting though. Gizelle can get under anyone’s skin! THOSE COOKIES ARE A PRIME EXAMPLE.


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