Real Housewives Of Potomac Recap: The Wig Easy

On last week’s episode, of The Real Housewives of Potomac, Michael Darby found himself in some hot water! He allegedly made sexual comments towards another man, and Robyn Dixon of all people overhead him. It’ll be interesting to see the fallout if Robyn or Candiace Dillard decided to reveal what they heard. This could have massive ramifications on his marriage to Ashley Darby.

Karen Huger and Gizelle Bryant also ended up on semi decent terms after last week. Their relationship is always changing so they might be back in bad terms by the end of this episode. Why even are the fighting anymore? At this point it seems like they’re just fighting for the sake of it and for no real reason. It’s so back and forth so hopefully they’ll make further forward progress this week.

At the start of the episode, everyone is basically dissecting what happened the night of the party for Ashley’s uncle. Nobody wants to get their hands dirty and get involved in THAT mess. I don’t blame them. No good will come out of revealing what Michael allegedly said.

Gizelle Bryant RHOP

Gizelle starts journaling per her therapists request as a new way to fully get over Sherman Douglas. Honestly am all for her putting THAT guy in her past for good. Gizelle wants to take the women to New Orleans to revisit her roots and get them to know more about her.

Unsure how that will go given her strenuous relationships with some of the women. Gizelle and Karen are NOT doing well, and her relationship with Monique Samuels isn’t much better. On the flip side, it’s nice to see Gizelle putting in real work to mend fences with the other women. 

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Karen Huger Candiace Dillard RHOP

Candiace and Karen meet up for Karen to undergo a dental procedure. The laughing gas was honestly hilarious, and I love seeing Karen less serious.

She’s basically taken Candiace under her wing, and this duo is a dynamic force. Nothing super eventful took place beyond further discussion of pretending the Michael situation didn’t happen.

Also, Karen threw in a dig about Ashley after her appointment was finished. Candiace brought up her name and Karen was like, “Who?”

It echoed of Mariah Carey’s infamous “I don’t know her” phrase about Jennifer Lopez. The Grand Dame always gives me Mimi vibes.

Real Housewives Of Potomac Recap: The Wig Easy

Ashley and Michael’s dynamic is SO weird. They don’t come across anywhere near compatible. While Ashley is packing for the New Orleans trip, she mentions Gizelle has fertility exercises planned.

First of all, it’s hard to take Ashley seriously about this so called fertility journey. We see her drinking in every episode. She goes around telling the group that she’s not drinking, and then surprise there’s a Corona in her hand.

If you’re going to talk the talk, walk the walk. It’s as simple as that, and right now it’s coming off like a fraud situation.

Candiace Dillard RHOP

Candiace video chats her mom who she apparently hasn’t really spoken to since the wedding. Her goal is to set MUCH NEEDED boundaries on her mom’s involvement in her life.

Candiace’s mom had a difficult time even remotely acknowledging her faults and basically refused to listen to her. She kept cutting her off at every time.

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She was clearly trying so hard to get even just one point across, but it was impossible. Candiace breaks down into tears on the video call, and closes her computer on her mom.

I don’t blame Candiace for hanging up on her mom because she wasn’t making any headway. All she wants is to be treated like an adult, but her mom makes it impossible.

Real Housewives Of Potomac Recap: The Wig Easy

Robyn’s entire storyline is SUCH A SNOOZE. Her renovation isn’t exciting. I absolutely CANNOT with the pink mess on top of her head. Such a hot mess of a season for her. Even Juan Dixon looks like he’s judging her.

I loved him calling her out for getting too drunk at the birthday party. As fun as it was watching her get scolded, I have to admit drunk Robyn is the best Robyn. She’s extra messy just the way I like it.

Gizelle Bryant RHOP

Karen shows up to Gizelle’s brand event, and it’s so good seeing them on the same page. They’ve finally reached a middle ground of sorts and aren’t constantly slinging jabs for no reason. WELL IT WAS GOOD, until Karen brought up “The House of Huger”. Gizelle had no idea about the status of Karen’s latest business venture.

Gizelle was thrown off when Karen told the details to a complete stranger rather than her. Their friendship was just getting back on track, and now Gizelle’s questioning how legit it is.

Typically I side with Karen when it comes to her drama with Gizelle, but Karen was wrong here. Not only is it weird she didn’t tell her “friend”, but it goes beyond that. This shows that they are still not on the level they each claim they want to reclaim.

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It’s the first group trip of the season, so some drama is bound to go down. Gizelle lost her voice, and it’s hilarious. She can’t really say anything much to the relief of probably everyone in the car. Robyn is (of course) massively late, so she has to meet the group at the airport.

First Robyn was late to Candiace’s wedding and now this. She needs to get it together and stop being so inconsiderate. Her plane leaves in less than two hours. She’s not even packed. EYE ROLL. Just leave without her. Nobody will miss her that much.

Ashley makes a jab about Candiace’s relationship with her mom, and you can see the wheels turn in her head. Candiace is holding this scandalous secret about Michael in her back pocket just waiting to strike.

However, revealing the alleged truth about Michael likely won’t have a great effect. I’m not saying Ashley and Michael have some sort of arrangement, but yes I am. That’s exactly what I’m saying.

His actions are too weird for her to not know. I don’t judge their relationship, but there are way too many unanswered questions when it comes to them.

Real Housewives Of Potomac Recap: The Wig Easy

Gizelle puts Katie Rost in the presidential suite with her to keep an eye on her. Katie is considered by many to be cuckoo bananas, so that’s a great plan. We can’t have Katie on the loose in NOLA. There’s no telling WHAT could happen if she’s roaming free like that.

This reintroduction of Katie feels so forced which sucks. It’s hard to believe Gizelle genuinely wants this girl back in her life. Despite that, we will pretend to believe her. Gizelle and Robyn watch as Katie smokes a cigarette wearing a weird Mardi Gras type mask. Oh, Katie. Never change.

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Candiace and Monique discuss Gizelle sharing her suite with Katie. They’re not sure what to think of Katie. That makes three of us. They compare her to Ashley because of her out there behavior, and it’s a solid comparison.

They’re both highly unpredictable, messy, and it’s hard to read both of them. Although to me Ashley is shady, whereas Katie is off the wall crazy. Katie’s such a combustible element that could explode at any time. A ticking time bomb of unpredictability.

RHOP Real Housewives Of Potomac

The women attend a Creole cooking class as part of Gizelle going back to her roots. It’s fun seeing her open up more about her childhood and wanting to include the group in that process. They split up into teams to compete against each other, and some of them look like they’ve never cooked before. 

Gizelle confronts Karen over what went down at her event, and Karen quickly lays out boundaries. She makes it clear that there is work stuff and friendship stuff, and Gizelle doesn’t need to know business matters.

The two exchanged heated words and Karen has enough and abruptly exits the restaurant. She tells the cameraman to stop following her. UH OH. Don’t choke him like Nene Leakes!

It did seem a little bit like blindside by Gizelle at dinner. She could’ve expressed her feelings privately and before this meal, but chose to blast Karen to the group. Once again Gizelle’s intentions questionable.

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