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Southern Charm Recap: Instadamn

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After last week’s episode of Southern Charm confirmed the dastardly deed between Kathryn Dennis and Whitney Sudler-Smith, last night’s show focused on the perils of a new couple, Austen Kroll and his Instagalpal Madison LeCroy. I’m not counting out these two…if they can survive a threesome and retaliatory cheating, what’s a little DM action going to hurt?

Naomie Olindo is hard at work at her online apparel business, but she makes some time to Facetime with her adorable parents who are traipsing through Europe. In addition to her new endeavor, she is also helping her family run their Greek restaurant Nico. Speaking of precious parents, Chelsea Meissner’s dad drops off Tyson after dog-sitting him for Chelsea’s house-warming party. They discuss Chelsea’s sailor beau Nick who has a three-year contract in Rhode Island with the America’s Cup. She seems to have a type…and it’s someone who lives far, far away. She likes her space! Her dad wonders how the relationship will work for so long with such distance, but he adores Nick. He’s a man, and Austen’s more of a house cat.

After a day of showing property, Cameran Eubanks returns home to pour a stiff drink and talk to her mother about her mommy guilt. She hates complaining about staying home with Palmer most of the time, but she can go days without talking to another adult if her husband is on call. She knows how fortunate she is to get this time with her daughter, and her mother reminds her that all moms experience similar feelings. Cameran also has a tendency to obsess about “what ifs” regarding Palmer that are completely out of her control. Mom Bonnie scolds Cameran and urges her to quash the bad thoughts before they occupy her brain.

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Southern Charm Cameran Eubanks

Chelsea has enlisted Craig Conover to help her landscape her yard, so he meets her in his new ride at a local nursery. It was Craig’s gift to himself when he parted ways with Naomie. Chelsea asserts that a girl who likes Craig is going to like him regardless of what he drives. Before Craig can overtake her shopping spree, the two chat about Kathryn’s new $6K+/month South of Broad digs and her new Rolls Royce. Is she morphing into Patricia Altschul? Suddenly, the Whitney hook-up is making a bit more sense. When she hires herself a Michael, we’ll know her transformation is complete!

Downtown, Kathryn meets Naomie for dinner after a long day of working at Gwyn’s. When Naomie asks if Kathryn will be coming to her lunch at Nico, Kathryn must decline the invitation. She’s got a new man, and he’s flying her to Boca for the weekend. Laughing that she has a type (I’m assuming rich and old), she reveals her guy is politician, he’s thirty-eight (an infant compared to Thomas Ravenel!), and he’s a Democrat. At least she deviating slightly from her comfort zone!

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Southern Charm Naomie Olindo

What she doesn’t mention to Naomie is what worries Craig in his conversation with Chelsea. He’s not just a politician, he’s a disgraced politician who has been accused of domestic abuse by his ex-wife. Back at the restaurant, Kathryn is ticking off the litany of things they have in common: young children, crazy exes with google-able mug shots, a penchant for self-tanner. Naomie hides her concern. His pick-up lines sound a lot like what T-Rav would say if he was pursuing someone half his age. Kathryn is stressed at thought of Thomas doing jail time and getting sole custody of her kids, so she’s planning a girls’ trip. Naomie is onboard for tree house glamping, and she secretly hopes Kathryn will rethink her new relationship while communing with nature.

Southern Charm Craig Conover

Over a caramel vanilla latte, Shep Rose calls his mom to get her advice on whether he should get a puppy. She thinks he’s five star crazy, and she is not willing to take on another pet when he decides it’s too much work. Doesn’t her son realize he’d have to pick the pooch over his partying? On the contrary, a puppy is just Shep needs to be more responsible. It’s a living, breathing excuse to come home early. Plus, if he names it Craig, it will be easy for him to discipline. He hangs up with Mama Rose when human Craig arrives. He orders a double rosé because he had a long night of photographing pillows.

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Shep recounts how his evening with Whitney and Austen went south when Madison guilted her boyfriend into leaving their bromance. Craig can relate–she did the same thing the last time he tried to have a guys’ night with Austen. They gossip about the duo’s straying ways, and Craig giggles as he tells Shep that Madison had a friend hit up Danni Baird’s new boyfriend on the Gram. They owe it to their friend to share this news.

Southern Charm Austen Kroll Madison Lecroy

Austen is still head-over-heels, despite stepping out on his lady with two other ladies, and he’s hellbent on wooing Madison with a home-cooked meal. She warns him that she’d better be the last girl he plans on dating, and Austen admits that he’s thought about walking down the aisle with this chick. He loves her. She’s tough…just like his pork chops. On Shem Creek, Naomie is hosting the menu tasting at Nico. She’s invited her friends and the town foodies. In Kathryn’s absence, her besties dish on her new boyfriend. Danni thinks he’s a welcome change, but Chelsea wonders if there is any merit to Craig’s claims.

Cameran is floored to learn that Kathryn is cruising around in a new Rolls, but she’s even more hot and bothered after meeting Naomie’s doctor man Metul Shah. The conversation turns to the girls’ weekend. Cam is befuddled by the idea of staying in a luxury tree house.

Chelsea repeats the rumor that Madison has been creeping on some dude via Instagram. But, Craig was reluctant to tell her who it was. Danni interrupts to reveal that it was her boyfriend Gentry. The girls are confused by why this relationship is still a thing.

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Southern Charm Danni Baird Chelsea Meissner

Shep and Craig are anxiously awaiting Austen’s arrival at Poogan’s Smokehouse. The pair is prepping for their Austen ambush intervention, mapping out their conversation game plan before dropping the bomb about the Madison’s Instacreeping. Before they can practice their parts, Austen shows up lamenting his anxiety. Instead of sugarcoating things, Craig and Shep try to rip off the band-aid with a befuddled attempt to placate their friend before even delivering the news. Austen dismisses the gossip as hashtag fake news which forces Craig to call Danni to corroborate the information. A gloomy Austen requires more alcohol, so it’s off to bar hop.

After shotgunning a Red Bull (that can’t be safe), Austen fields a call from Madison. He isn’t prepared to confront her yet. Austen dismisses Craig’s claims that his threesome was in response to her initial cheating. He was the first to stray. After a pep talk (Shep talk?), Austen calls Madison. He trips over his accusation, and Madison hedges the topic before admitting that maybe it happened. It wasn’t a big deal though! They sound like middle schoolers. Shep can’t contain his glee to have his wing man back…albeit a dismal one!


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