Kathryn Dennis Claims Thomas Ravenel Forced Her To Hide First Pregnancy & Shipped Her Out Of State Until She Gave Birth

Whether Kathryn Dennis is your current fan favorite or old definition of messy, you have to admit she’s changed her tune. Since her first appearance on Southern Charm, Kathryn has been through the wringer. After having two children with former love, Thomas Ravenel, she has seen the inside of rehab facilities and courtrooms.

Kathryn and Thomas are presently involved in a bitter custody battle regarding their kids, Kensie and Saint. They have made attempts at co-parenting in the past, but it never seemed to stick, much like their relationship. Amidst Thomas’ sexual assault allegations and uncouth girlfriends (#hiashley), the pair recently appeared to call a truce to celebrate their daughter’s pre-school graduation. But obviously, it hasn’t been all unicorns and rainbows. Details have emerged revealing more of their dark relationship, and what might have lead to Kathryn’s downfall.

When Kathryn found out she was pregnant with Kensie, she claims it wasn’t exactly a celebrated event. Despite Thomas’ on-camera confessions that he wanted children and a family unit, it didn’t exactly go down that way. In an interview with People, Kathryn explained Thomas wanted to keep the pregnancy a secret. “I was removed,” she said. “He moved me immediately to a different state, kept my pregnancy a secret until the day I gave birth.”

Kathryn stated she found out others finally knew of the baby after Kensie was born when she was contacted directly by a media outlet. “I received a call in the hospital bed,” she recalled. “And then it was, ‘Okay, now people know.’ It was just very, very odd circumstances.” Sigh, but you went back for more anyway…

The challenges Kathryn endured when Kensie was a newborn sound like some nightmare from a Lifetime movie. “I felt sad and scared and lonely and confused and quarantined and isolated,” she said. “I was just trying to understand what was going on with the other person —feeling actually happy looking at my child while the other person was not necessarily present, even mentally.” Kathryn went on to add, “I’d cry a lot, it was all new, I didn’t have anyone.”

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As we all know, the drama didn’t end there but it did get worse. When Kathryn went up to bat for round 2 with Thomas, she found herself pregnant with her son, Saint. The subject of Thomas’ ALLEGED sexual assault, Nanny Dawn, recently spilled even more not really surprising details.

A separate article from People reported Dawn apparently testified Thomas had offered to pay an Uber driver $500 to wipe cocaine suspicious white powder off his clothes and face while partying the night Saint was born. Kathryn co-signed on this by stating, “He came to the hospital after I gave birth coked out and drunk at 3 am.”

Then, if possible, it gets even WORSE. Not only was Thomas ALLEGEDLY participating in the nose candy, he was drinking alcohol like water. In her deposition, Dawn reportedly accused Thomas of drinking bourbon daily, wanting to abort the pregnancy, and “nearly amputating Kathryn’s hand in a car door.”

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Thomas’ attorney provided a statement explaining that because of the sealing order and a gag order on all parties, she “cannot comment or respond to questions regarding the substantive matters currently being litigated, including any allegations made by [the former nanny].” She added, “These children and their lives are not fodder for public consumption.”

Regardless of what anyone thinks about Kathryn or Thomas, the important factors in this equation of crazy are Kensie and Saint. Perhaps one day Thomas and Kathryn can exist in a world sans court battles and drama. As it stands, it’s probably for the best this case has now been sealed.

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[Photo Credit: Brianna Stello/Bravo]