Luann de Lesseps

Bethenny Frankel and Luann de Lesseps can never stay on the same page for too long. They’re on good terms for a while, and something goes horribly wrong. Neither ever want to be wrong so that could factor into how frequently they butt heads. However, The Real Housewives of New York City wouldn’t be the same without them. 

As soon as the season started, everyone was VERY over Luann and her cabaret. For Bethenny, life is not and never will be a cabaret. For Luann though, it’s everything. It was only a matter of time before frustrations boiled over, and boy did they ever. THAT Miami dinner will go down as one of the craziest moments in Real Housewives history.

In an interview with Extra, Luann dished about that iconic dinner and Bethenny’s unexpected meltdown. Luann said, “It felt horrible. It was horrible for her to unload all of her dirty laundry. I felt like the punishment didn’t fit the crime. I think she had all these issues bottled up with me that she never spoke about, and they all came rising to the top along with her issues with the loss of Dennis. 

Some of that is true, but Bethenny did try to rationally speak to Luann earlier in the trip. It’s not Bethenny’s fault that Luann wasn’t receptive to what she was saying. Open up your ears, Countess.

Luann also said in the interview, “I think there was a lot more in there, and not just about me, and I realized that. I mean Ramona [Singer] was crying, Dorinda [Medley] was gasping. I mean, she didn’t even know what to do, because it was just so over the top and not really, at the end of the day, all about me.”

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The Countless might be the least self-aware person on the planet. How does she not grasp the issue the other women have with her? They all seem as if they’re sick of living in Luann’s Cabaret Dream Land. The group can only take so much of Luann’s high horse attitude.

Luann finished the interview saying, “I was hurt… especially that she would choose a restaurant with all these people around to do that with, and not just speak to me first, etc. It was tough to watch, because you know what, I felt really bad for her. More than me, I felt bad for her. I was like, holy s–t, there’s a lot going on in there.”

Yes, Luann, there IS a lot going on in Bethenny’s life. Luann could simply acknowledge Bethenny’s life a little bit more, and maybe they’d be in a better place. Every conversation doesn’t need to turn to Luann’s arrest or her cabaret show.

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The Bethenny meltdown was uncomfortable to watch, and the pain within her was evident. Clearly, Bethenny’s stress level is high. Luann should recognize that and make a change in her own behavior.

Bethenny and Luann are facing off at the upcoming reunion, so hopefully, Luann takes accountability. Everyone has tried to get through to her, but cabaret is life and that’s the end of the story to her.

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