Vanderpump Rules Star Lala Kent Weighs In On Luann de Lesseps’ Sobriety

Y’all, Lala Kent, the woman who brings a baby bottle as her comfort item on group trips and openly trades sexual favors for luxury goods and services, has offered encouraging words to Luann de Lesseps about her sobriety journey.

After sloppily resisting arrest in December of 2017, Lu was offered probation in lieu of (get it??  in “Lu” of???) jail time.  As part of her probation, Lu was prohibited from drinking.  However, on May 23, after she admitted to consuming “2 glasses of mimosas” (suuure, Lu) after one of her cabaret shows. Luann entered into another plea deal involving intensive out-patient rehab.  Lala has publicly and openly dealt with her own struggles with alcohol abuse.   Lala also publicly credits Alcoholics Anonymous for saving her life. Lala, I don’t think “anonymous” means what you think it means.

US Weekly has reported that following Lu’s most recent – and, listen, we hope her last, though we aren’t holding our collective breath – alcohol-related brush with the law, Lala took to her Instagram Stories (as one does) to offer her fellow “Bravo family member” some encouragement.

According to the article, Lala’s Insta story featured a solo shot of Luann wearing an amazing statement necklace. OK, I’m not 100% sure about the necklace part, but that woman is never without a statement necklace adorning her royal neck, so it feels right.  Plus, Insta stories are fleeting, so who’s gonna check me?

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Along with the photo of Lu, Lala wrote “My heart goes out to [Luann].  Sobriety isn’t something that can be conquered.  We are human and it is a day to day struggle.”

She went on to say that Lu will be “back on her feet in no time.”

I’m sure Lu is rolling her eyes, to the extent her Botox will allow such movement. This is probably because  Lala is roughly half Lu’s age and has no royal title to speak of Unless Lala makes Randall Emmett, her fiancé, call her “my Queen” or something, which, again, feels like something she would do.

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I’m about to offer a controversial opinion:  Lala Kent is a genius.  Her post was thoughtful and supportive. Most importantly, it still managed to project the image of Lala that Lala wants the world to see. A  strong, hard-working woman proudly maintaining her own sobriety, health, and career.

Seriously, an advertising or political speechwriting firm needs to scoop Lala and her Range Rover up. Her ability to craft a message that is both a heartfelt sentiment and shameless self-promotion is a true talent.

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]