Luann de Lesseps, Sonja Morgan & Dorinda Medley Dish On Ramona Singer Throwing A Party The Same Night As Luann’s Cabaret Show

THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW YORK CITY -- "Life is a Cabaret" Episode 1019 -- Pictured: Luann de Lesseps -- (Photo by: Heidi Gutman/Bravo)

Now that the Real Housewives of New York season is over and we are headed into reunion territory, how are we going to live without weekly cabaret updates? Where will Luann de Lesseps appear next? What fabulous Jovani frocks will she be wearing? Will arrogant Luann finally be able to carry a tune?

One person who has had her fill of cabaret updates is Ramona Singer. On the same night that Luann had invited all the ladies to her holiday cabaret show, Ramona decided to throw a surprise birthday party for Dorinda Medley and Sonja Morgan. Claiming it was the only night the party could be scheduled. You have to wonder, what did those invited to both events think of Ramona’s shady move?

In a Real Housewives of New York After Show appearance, Luann, Dorinda, and Sonja revealed their thoughts about the dueling events. Luann simply declared, “I think Ramona chose the same night to throw her party because she’s just a b**ch.”

Ramona is the same person who leaves events early to go on a date or to attend a better party. She has the social skills of a rabid raccoon–just ask poor Barbara Kavovit for verification!

Sonja also got honest about Ramona’s party shenanigans. She revealed, “Ramona wanted to have a surprise party for me or for Dorinda or for anyone just so she didn’t have to go to Luann’s cabaret.” This is  a lot of extra work just to avoid Luann’s off-key warbling.

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Ramona must have been envious of Bethenny Frankel’s anaphylactic shock relieving her from mandatory cabaret attendance–no party planning involved! Ramona was probably wondering why she didn’t think of claiming a near-death experience herself–it would have saved her some work.

However, how much effort Ramona actually expended on the party was questionable. At least in regards to the guest list. Dorinda claimed, “She told one of my friends when he called to say, ‘Do you need a list of friends,’ she said, ‘Oh no, I don’t need to invite a lot of Dorinda’s friends.’ ” Sonja also chimed in agreeing, “Or my friends, by the way. It was for us.”

Of course, “for us” really means “for Ramona”. Dorinda and Sonja should have been happy any of their friends made the guest list!

Ramona must have been feeling an extra jolt of the holiday spirit when she sent the invites to a couple of their actual friends. I am surprised that the guest list wasn’t completely comprised of eligible New York City bachelors over 40. All for Ms. Singer’s awkward flirting pleasure.

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Dorinda admitted that the competing events put her  and Sonja “in a bad position.” And Sonja said they had to “wiggle over there and wiggle out” of Luann’s event.  Unfortunately, all of the effort Sonja and Dorinda put in to attend both events might have been lost on Luann.

After attending Luann’s event, Dorinda stated, “That was a waste of our time. We went there to go see Luann and she didn’t let us come to the back.”

Sonja added, “She didn’t want to see us.”

To be fair to Luann–which I hate–having guests right before you put on a show would probably be stressful. Especially guests who have expressed their exhaustion with all things cabaret.

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Dorinda also believes that Luann might have had an ulterior motive for having them come to the show–commerce. Suspicious Dorinda thinks Luann wanted her and Sonja to “go to the necklace table and take some pictures with her necklaces.”

That Luann–always thinking of ways to make a buck! Cabaret, clothing, necklaces, records, music videos, Jovani, book deals. Luann might be annoying, but she’s not dumb. Promote, promote, promote!


[Photo Credit: Heidi Gutman/Bravo]