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It was too good to be true when Hannah Ferrier actually liked her Third Stew for once. However, Anastasia Surmava didn’t last too long as the Third Stew since she got promoted to chef. Now, Hannah is working with June Foster and surprise, surprise Hannah has not been the most welcoming.

She seems to have high standards for June, but very little instruction on how to meet those expectations. Unfortunately for June, she continues to struggle during tonight’s Below Deck Mediterranean episode.

During a night out with the crew, Hannah leads an interrogation about June’s personal life. Well, that might not have been intentional, but that’s how June seemed to view it. She was so bothered by the questioning that she got up and ran away from the table to get a moment to herself.

Hannah asks June, “Have you got a boyfriend?” After a very awkward hesitation, June reluctantly admits, “I’m seeing someone. Yeah.” Hannah pushes for clarification when she repeats, “You have a boyfirend?” And June hits her with an answer that is even more vague: “I’m not looking.”

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This doesn’t sit well with Colin Macy’O’Toole who admitted to crushing on June when she joined the Below Deck Mediterranean cast during last week’s episode. However, he’s not the one who upsets her during the group discussion.

Jack Stirrup wonders if June and her boyfriend are actually broken up. She (very vaguely) shares, “We’re just not talking.” And then Jack sets her off when he says “Usually, when I don’t speak to me ex-girlfriends, I’ve broken up with them.” That’s when June runs away from the table and it’s unclear if she is about to cry or puke.

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As if coming up short with revelations about her personal life isn’t enough, June does not impress Hannah on the ship. Then again, Hannah isn’t putting any effort in to train her. Nevertheless, no one can blame Hannah for having trepidation after June admits she took two years to finish bartending school. Ummm two years? Wow.

In other news, the newfound peace between veteran cast members Hannah and Joao Franco might be gone thanks to a “miscommunication” over a guest excursion.

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Meanwhile, cooking savant Anastasia struggles to prepare foods that aren’t in line with her vegan lifestyle.

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