Captain Sandy Yawn Below Deck Mediterranean

After surviving Jackie Siegel, self-professed Queen of Versailles, the Below Deck Mediterranean crew should be ready to take on anything — or not. With MLB legend Johnny Damon on board cracks begin to show in the crew’s professionalism and performance. Hopefully Captain Sandy Yawn can fix things before they spin wildly out of control…

Team Damon is a rowdy group that requires all hands on deck, but this overworked, fatigued and disoriented crew has barely recovered from staff changes and is also dealing with personal demons that continue to bog them down like an anchor trapped in seaweed. 

June Foster is struggling to connect with her new co-workers and also seems completely overwhelmed about the basics of being a third stew. Especially the importance of keeping her radio on! Hannah Ferrier is growing increasingly frustrated with June’s mistakes, especially when coupled with Anastasia Surmava starting to crack under the pressure in her new role as chef. Too bad Anastasia’s experience hasn’t caught up to her newfound ego!

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Jack Stirrup and Travis Michalzik find themselves on Captain Sandy‘s naughty list when an emergency alarm sounds and they don’t respond. The incident turns out to have personal consequences for Travis when Hannah cancels their date.  And Joao Franco is mortified that Captain Sandy saw firsthand that he has no control over the deck crew.

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Meanwhile, Jack and Aesha Scott have an amazing, romantic evening which elevates their relationship beyond flirting.

Finally, yet another anchor problems arises with the anchor and Captain Sandy opts to take drastic measures by sending Travis and Joao on a scuba rescue mission to save the anchor from itself, but Jack worries about the safety of such measures.

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