Craig Conover Says Cameran Eubanks Was The “Most Disappointing” At The Southern Charm Reunion

There’s nothing to “dislike” about Southern Charm star Cameran Eubanks, but also don’t know much about her. She does not share much with the cameras. Meanwhile, Austen Kroll has been going through it with on-again-off-again girlfriend Madison LeCroy. Craig Conover after his breakup with Naomie Olindo on his quest to make pillows.

Basically, there are some people on this show who share their realities and then there are others who share teeny, tiny edited slivers of their lives. We’ve all known this for a while, but now Craig is actually calling Cameran out for skating by.

During an interview on the Domenick Nati Show, Craig was asked “Which Southern Charm star changes the most once the cameras start rolling?”

At first, Craig uttered, “Oh man,” and it seemed like he wasn’t going to answer the question, but he did.

Craig shared, “Cammie, I love her to death, but you’ll see at this reunion Cammie kind of calmed down this year. She had a lot of strong opinions. Just basing it off the reunion, I think that Cameran was the most disappointing.” Well, how compelling can it be to discuss Cameran talking Palmer to aquarium or getting drunk one time at an outdoor party? What would she actually have to share an opinon about at the reunion?

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Craig said, “She claimed that she had a lot of opinions going into it, but she really didn’t say a lot of them.” Of course not. Has she ever? Other than giving the guys some sort of pep talk about being more responsible, do we really ever get any opinions from Cameran?

When it comes to acting different in front of the cameras, Craig thinks that there are two people who change. He shared, “I would say Cameran and I don’t think Naomie’s that transparent.” Why was Naomie even a cast member this season? Did anyone enjoy watching her make dinner and talk about how she doesn’t think she’s good enough for her own boyfriend? Anyone? Anyone in the back?

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In contrast to Naomie and Cameran, Craig shared, “The guys, we just kind of lay it all out there. At this point, we just are who we are. I think the girls like to pretend that their lives are perfect. You’ll see on the reunion that I do not think that’s fair, but it is what it is.”

And neither does Austen. He didn’t name names, but he recently alluded to a cast member who’s not showing their real life on camera that he planned to call out at the reunion.

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However, Craig did name Kathryn Dennis as an exception. And she really does share a lot with the show.

In regard to the latest reunion specifically, Craig said, “I would say at the reunion with Cameran and Naomie changes the most by far during the season. During the reunion, [Naomie] redeemed herself and Cameran was the culprit. But, during the season, Naomie’s goal is to convince everyone that she’s happy and doing great and I think that’s kind of an act.” A boring act at that. There’s no way she’s going to be a full-time cast member next season, right?


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