SOUTHERN CHARM -- "In Sew Deep" Episode 605 -- Pictured: (l-r) Patricia Altschul, Craig Conover -- (Photo by: Brianna Stello/Bravo)

Craig Conover’s Pillows Sold Out In An Hour At His First In-Store Product Launch

Southern Charm star Craig Conover has often been considered to be the ne’er-do-well of the show. His co-stars have frequently admonished him for his inability to finish what he starts. Co-stars Shep Rose and Whitney Sudler-Smith criticized him for not taking the bar exam in a timely manner. And matriarch Patricia Altschul told Craig they would have to put their pillow collaboration on hold when he failed to deliver designs to her in a timely manner.

Lately, however, it seems Craig has finally gained focus. This season, we have watched Craig take his pillow business more seriously. He even hired an assistant to help with his business venture. Craig also announced earlier this year that he was starting to sell merchandise online. And now, Craig is selling his pillows in an actual store.

Craig recently shared on Instagram that he was expanding his business, Sewing Down South. He exclaimed, “So excited to be in our first store! This has been a crazy few weeks but the launch went off without a hitch. Swanky Southern is an awesome store and we sold out in a little over an hour.”

Congratulations, Craig! Although many of your co-stars questioned your ablity to follow through with anything, you are proving them wrong. Maybe your doubting ex Naomie Olindo can stop by the store when they re-stock to pick up a few things. No discount for her, though!

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Gracious Craig gave credit to everyone who supported him, stating, “Thanks to the great people of Camden for welcoming me and can’t wait to be back in town in a couple weeks. Swing on by the store to get your Sewing Down South stuff now!”

The Sewing Down South website sells a variety of pillows, hats, t-shirts and totes, referring to the business as a “sewing lifestyle brand.” The website also says that Craig has collaborated with local artists on the designs for the pillows.

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Although Craig’s co-stars have kidded him about his sewing, it is clear that sticking to his guns is starting to pay off. Who knows, someday Craig might be the Throw Pillow King! Can QVC be far off? Craig is proof that earned money is more satisfying than mailbox money.

Many reality stars talk about starting businesses and never do.  Or they do it in a way geared towards making as much money as fast as they can and the businesses fade away. Craig seems to be taking the whole process a bit more thoughtfully. And he has the personal charm that is helpful in starting a business. Even Martha Stewart had to start somewhere!

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[Photo Credit: Brianna Stello/Bravo]