Instagram Users Disgusted When Kandi Burruss’ Daughter Asks Followers For Birthday Cash

Sometimes I don’t realize how old I’m getting until I see photos of other people’s kids. Allow me to present, Exhibit A: Kandi Burruss’ eldest child, Riley. When we first met Riley on Real Housewives of Atlanta, she was a shy little girl being raised by her single mother. Over the years, viewers have watched Kandi try to navigate a relationship with Riley’s father, who hasn’t played a large role in his daughter’s upbringing. Through the twists and turns of Kandi’s life, Riley was by her mom’s side. Now she is practically a grown woman and ready to take on the world.

Kandi’s daughter has definitely gone through some changes. Riley gained a stepfather in Todd Tucker. His daughter was brought into the Burruss group as well. Then Todd and Kandi welcomed their son, Ace, in 2016. Riley has always presented as bashful and not particularly outspoken, but being raised in the spotlight isn’t easy. We’ve never seen Riley engage in, shall we say, other activities of celebrity children. As a testament to her overall goodness, Kandi gifted Riley a Porsche Cayenne for her Sweet Sixteen last year. Nicki Minaj even had special floor mats made with Riley’s nickname! Well, it’s that time again, another birthday to celebrate. But Riley didn’t get a fast ride this year, she took to social media with another idea.

Kids are all about technology, and nowadays there’s an app for anything. You can have pizza delivered to Middle Earth while a smartwatch checks your heart rate. Financial transactions have evolved too. A service called Cash App allows users to transfer money to each other via their mobile device. Sounds convenient, right? Maybe too convenient… Let’s talk about Riley’s 17th birthday.

According to Atlanta Black Star, Riley inherited her mother’s head for business. She apparently requested money from her Instagram followers for her birthday. Yes, you read that correctly. The now 17-year-old wrote, “It’s my birthday everyone! Show me some love!” Riley captioned. She included a screenshot of her Cash App name and QR code so fans could send financial presents. As you could imagine, some folks didn’t take her request too well.

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One follower wrote, “Rich ppl asking for money from poor ppl. Sounds like the government.” Yikes. It is odd to see the children of wealthy parents asking for money from strangers. There’s probably a 90% chance the automobile Riley drives is more expensive than many of her fans’ cars.

Speaking of the Porsche, a commenter quipped, “Girl your drive Porsche leave me alone … lol Happy birthday”. Another person tried to provide some insight, “Girl it’s ppl out here STRUGGLING in REAL life and you asking for coins from the average Joe when your mom is rolling in doe! no ma’am!! happy birthday. Take this moment to reflect, give thanks, and GIVE BACK. Not take! Happy birthday beautiful.”

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So, did Kandi co-sign this social media request? The answer might surprise you. Kandi shared Riley’s post on her own Instagram Story. She wrote, “don’t say she shouldn’t ask for a Cashapp gift… She’s a teenage of course she loves Cashapp gifts on her birthday!”

I’m sorry, but what in the actual hell? She’s 17 and loves money, I’m ancient and I love money too. But I have never, nor would I ever allow my children, to ask strangers for money. We live in a society where people are living paycheck to paycheck. The actual rainforest is on fire. But guys, Riley needs cash for her birthday.

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Kids make mistakes and youth provides a foundation for education. To be clear, Riley doesn’t just sit around. She landed an internship at a law firm and enrolled in a pre-law program at Harvard University. In February, Riley hosted a Super Bowl LIII event. This is obviously a smart young woman, with an equally smart mother. I guess make that coin any way you can? Is this a new thing that is acceptable in society? One commenter summed the whole thing up perfectly with, “Ur mom co-wrote no scrubs naaaa tf”. The feeling is mutual.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]