Kandi Burruss Not Phased By NeNe Leakes At Reunion; “She And I Aren’t Really Friends”

During Season 11 of Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kandi Burruss introduced us to her sexy burlesque/variety show “Welcome To The Dungeon.” Cynthia Bailey even made an appearance, which was incredibly awkward.

Kandi and mother-to-be Porsha Williams ventured into NeNe Leakes’ mystery closet, when they were told not to go there. A camera man’s shirt was ripped, and NeNe might have pulled off Porsha’s belt. We still don’t know what was in this closet. Bravo- we need to know!

And NeNe abruptly ended her friendship with bestie Cynthia because Cynthia invited former RHOA star Kenya Moore to her wine cooler launch party. Kandi arrived with Kenya, and Cynthia supposedly didn’t know that Kenya was coming. NeNe called a very pregnant Kenya a “monster.”

Cynthia apparently called Kandi, and even though Kandi repeatedly said that she was “mic’d,” Cynthia remarked that “I just want to make sure we [was] on the same page setting up how Kenya got there.” So shady, Cynthia! Doesn’t Cynthia know that not notifying NeNe about the guest list is grounds for NeNe to shred that friendship contract?

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Kandi wasn’t surprised at NeNe’s snippy behavior at the reunion. In a video clip on People, Kandi rolled her eyes and laughed when the hosts asked if she was surprised how “shut down” NeNe was during the RHOA reunion. (Warning some of the grammar in these sections is a bit rough.) “Um…Well, I just, you know it…it was typical NeNe stuff to me. I mean, you know, she was giving us, ‘Oh I’m the HBIC…I’m this…I’m that.’ Ehhhh,” Kandi said with a dismissive gesture.

And what about when NeNe said during the reunion that Kandi wasn’t “important?” Kandi had a different take on the situation. “You know, what’s so funny, like everybody was like ‘Why didn’t you go off? Why didn’t you get upset?’ Umm…Well first of all, I…she is the last person I look at to validate me,” Kandi explained. “But at the same time, when she first said it, honestly the way I took it was– she and I aren’t really friends. So if I bring somebody to the party that she doesn’t like, like that’s not important. I mean it doesn’t matter [if you brought, like]…what matters to her is that Cynthia, who is her close friend, you know, did not make her aware that you know another person was coming that she didn’t care for.”

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Kandi added, “You know so that’s the way I took it when I was sitting there, and that’s why I didn’t really like react. But you know maybe I should have reacted. I don’t know.”

When the host asked if, in hindsight, Kandi would have changed her reaction, Kandi’s answer was hilarious.

“Not really. Because I’m just, like, what am I going to say? I AM IMPORTANT! Like, girl! Like you know clearly, I’ve got a lot going on and what you said is not really important to me, either,” Kandi stated.

Kandi also sounded off on whether Cynthia and NeNe could repair their relationship. “Well, lately it has seemed like a pretty strong stand-off on both sides. Umm…I don’t know if either one have an interest [of] fixing things right now, but you never know.” RHOA fans will have to wait until the peach-holders return to see if time has mended NeNe’s relationships with her former friends co-workers.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]