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Kelly Dodd Shares Update On Relationship With Her Mom & Brother

Family life can be difficult. There are no two ways about it. Some families get along great and some break out into WWIII over holiday dinners. Kelly Dodd knows a couple of things about unstable life with relatives. When we first met Kelly on Real Housewives of Orange County, she was still married to Michael Dodd. Along with her husband and daughter, Jolie, Kelly’s mom and brother lived with them as well. There were no huge arguments or disruptions on camera, but sometimes families like to keep their fights on the downlow.

By Season 13 of RHOC, Kelly’s husband and couch crashers all but disappeared. We know where Michael went, divorce court, but the whereabouts of her mother and brother were largely ignored. Turns out there was some action going down that viewers didn’t see. One of Kelly’s co-stars stuck their nose in her business (again) and gave her opinion on what allegedly occurred with Mom and Bro. I’ll give you five seconds to guess who that was… Now fans will get to see what happened to cause turmoil and how Kelly reacts to watching it play out on television.

Kelly’s mom, Bobbi and little brother Eric Meza lived in California for a while. There have been rumors of abuse and fights, but the rumor road is long and winding in the OC. We haven’t heard much since Kelly’s houseguests took a hike. On Tuesday’s RHOC episode, Kelly explained that her mom and brother were only supposed to stay for “a few months”. Apparently, those months stretched into a year and a half and almost sent Kelly to the nut farm. Relatable.

Explaining that she felt taken advantage of, Kelly admitted she had a gigantic blowout with her mom. Bobbi then hightailed it back to Arizona with baby brother in tow. In the last episode, Kelly revealed that she last spoke with her mother was two years ago.

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In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Kelly shared an update on their status. “I’m on really good terms with my brother and my mom,” she said.

She elaborated, “They were at my house all weekend, for a week. They’ve come twice this summer, ’cause they live in Arizona. So, yeah, I mean, we are back to where we were before. So, you know, there’s this really good thing about the show is that it really brought my mom and my brother [and me] back together. So, hopefully, next season you’ll see more of them. You can see them this season, but you know, my mom’s doing very well.”

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I’m sorry, is this good news out of the OC? I might need an inhaler puff, I am not used to anything positive happening in Orange County.

But what about those pesky throwing Mom down the stairs rumors? Kelly said, “I mean, I did have family drama, for sure, but you know what? I think most of the ladies need to clean up their houses before they try to clean up mine.” Can’t argue with that one…

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Kelly continued, “I think that they say I threw my mother down the stairs — and I wasn’t talking to my mom. So, I called her immediately on the phone and squashed that rumor. And you’re just gonna see there’s so much rumors and lies. It’s just, overwhelming. You know, I have to deal with my daughter listening to it. It’s, like, they need to get their own kind of personal stories before using my personal story. And that’s what you see.”

While Kelly continues to deal with Tamra Judge her talkative co-stars, she can at least say she’s back in good with the fam. She describes her relationship with her mom and brother today as “very good.” Glad Kelly and her peeps had the emotional maturity to work their disagreements out. Family comes in handy when your “friends” are a pack of wolves looking for a kill.

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