Hannah Ferrier Below Deck Mediterranean

Captain Sandy Yawn Calls Out Hannah Ferrier On Tonight’s Below Deck Mediterranean


As the charter season comes to an end on Below Deck Mediterranean tensions are high as fatigue and apathy sets in, causing Captain Sandy Yawn to yell at Hannah Ferrier for being lazy.

Hannah has spent all season bragging about her dream team of stews, whom she gets along with so well. Unfortunately, Hannah is doing too much of being a friend and not enough being a leader.

Captain Sandy has noticed the quality slipping. Especially compared to the lengths chef Ben Robinson is going to impress the guests at their White Party final supper. 

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Hannah isn’t the only one being called out though! Captain Sandy also gets frustrated with Joao Franco when his ‘Last Season Joao’ (LSJ) attitude rears its ugly head over an equipment malfunction. Sandy is more than happy to take LSJ’s ego back down a notch to TSJ’s good boson ways with a verbal dressing down in front of the deckhands.

We all knew that personality transplant Joao had in Zim after a tiger fang pieced his eardrum (or whatever) wasn’t gonna last forever!

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Finally, as their time runs out on Sirocco Jack Stirrup has an important question for Aesha Scott and enlists the entire crew’s help to pull off the ultimate romantic gesture. Well, romantic by Jack’s standards anyway!

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During the guests’ final breakfast, Ben and Hannah end up in an argument over her responsibilities. It gets so loud that the guests can hear! Oops.

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