Danielle Staub Talks About Dating After Her Recent Breakup; Says “I’m Totally Off The Market”

Last season, Danielle Staub was the cause of front and center for all the drama on Real Housewives of New Jersey. The Bridezilla of Bimini walked down the aisle with Marty Caffrey on May 5, 2018. RHONJ co-stars Margaret Josephs, Teresa Giudice, and Melissa Gorga were all bridesmaids at their beach wedding. All the wedding drama, and Danielle’s insane demands, were filmed for Season 9.

Within months, their union dissolved in a blizzard of accusations and restraining orders. The duo was officially divorced in February. And one week later, Danielle was engaged again. She was on to lucky fiancé 21– Oliver Maier. Oliver is the Duke of Provence, which may have given Danielle a title when they wed. Well, besides the “prostitution whore” moniker Teresa gave her in Season 1.

Oliver and Danielle got engaged on a Thursday and planned to wed the following Monday. Well, that was until someone pumped the brakes and the wedding was canceled postponed. According to Page Six, Oliver also had to file for a restraining order against his ex-Gina Curko. Allegedly, Curko threatened to kill Oliver and Danielle. Yikes! But in the end, the couple split.

In an interview with US Weekly, Danielle revealed how she feels about dating right now. “Love life is great. I’m in love with my business. … I’m not interested in dating, I’m totally off the market, and I have seven men as business partners,” Danielle said. “I have work husbands. That’s what we’re going to call them. I’m working. I do about 14 hours a day. No- I don’t stop– at all.”

But what exactly is Danielle doing? What type of “business” does she have?

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And right now, Marty and Danielle are still living in the same house, but their relationship has improved. Could it have gotten much worse? Why are they still living together? I need answers!

Danielle remarked, “He and I are getting along just fine. Yeah, and we’re finishing up the sale on the house, so we will be announcing that soon, and I will definitely be staying. It’s gotten very peaceful. When you remove all the noise, I think things settle in where they’re supposed to.”

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So, when did Danielle and Oliver officially split? (This video clip of Danielle’s response has some rough grammar) “Ummm…There’s just… There was… It was coming. Yeah. I just don’t think that…it’s just sort of like when you’re not supposed to wear a dress and you put on a dress and you’re not comfortable,” Danielle explained.

Danielle remarked, “If it is too difficult when you’re trying on it [trying] it on, and it’s not going to wear really comfortably. And I think that I apply that to my relationships now. And that’s why I am taking a hiatus from anybody else because I’m going to focus on me.” I feel like Danielle focusing on herself is the norm, but I’ll go with it.

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RHONJ viewers may see “certain things play out” in Danielle’s relationship with Oliver on the upcoming season. Danielle isn’t sure how much of her relationship will be featured on the show.  Oh, I hope we see a lot!

Danielle told US Weekly, “If you’re focused on a relationship with a man, you’re missing out, especially us women in the workforce, in the work world. We’re just spending more time focused on making them look good,” Danielle stated. “We should just be focusing on ourselves, and that’s what I’m going to do.”

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It is unclear how much of a role Danielle will play on Season 10 of Real Housewives of New Jersey. Teresa, who was Danielle’s only friend on the cast, has broken off their relationship. We don’t know what happened, but we know that Melissa is pumped by the news.

Danielle has been a Friend of the Housewives for the last two seasons, and I wonder why she hasn’t been promoted to a full-time role. Danielle stirs up drama just watering her plants. Stay tuned to find out if Danielle will trap another man find love again, and why she and Teresa are no longer friends.

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