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Emily Simpson Discusses Husband Shane Simpson Failing The Bar Exam Again

Emily Simpson is one of those Housewives who doesn’t usually stir up a lot of drama. Sure, the Real Housewives of Orange County star threatened to kill Kelly Dodd last season, but that seemed to be an aberration. I think. Emily will stand up for herself when necessary, but she doesn’t vindictively go after castmates like Tamra Judge. She isn’t a needy attention seeker like Shannon “Bang the Gong” Beador. And you just know Emily would not let her life spiral out of control like chaotic Gina Kirschenheiter.

The one part of Emily’s life that appears out of place for this strong, accomplished attorney is her rather odd marriage to hubby Shane Lil’ Bitch Simpson. Shane is a snarky enigma, who often behaves more like a mean, annoying little brother than a loving husband to Emily. Busybody Tamra doesn’t think their marriage will withstand reality television. Emily, however, is standing by her man, through good times and bad. The bad includes Shane’s numerous failed attempts at passing the California bar exam.

In an interview with TooFab, Emily was asked if Shane had passed the bar exam on his last attempt. She admitted, “Uh, no. He did not.”

Sarcastic Shane has been studying for his exam on this season of RHOC, including holing himself up in a hotel for days away from his family. Shane did not appear to offer much empathy or support to Emily while she was holding down the fort in his absence. As in zero. Nada. Zilch.

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Emily shared that Shane taking his bar exam during filming was difficult. She explained, “I’ll tell you the timing of it was really horrible. He took the bar in February, right when we started filming, and he got his results on the day we filmed the finale. The timing was awful. It was horrible.”

It does sound like the bar exam situation would be stressful. The start of filming must be difficult logistically, especially when you have three young children and a career apart from the show. Add in a bar exam and a snide husband, and you have a recipe for some uncomfortable reality television.

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Apparently, Emily tried to keep the results of Shane’s exam a secret, but not for the reason you might think. She stated that “even though everyone in the world is trying to figure out if he passed or not,” she didn’t want to spill the beans as the bar results will be a part of this season’s storyline. As the test results are public, the information didn’t stay secret for long. There are no secrets in reality television, Emily–you should know that by your second season!

Emily also revealed to TooFab that Shane took the bar exam again in July and will receive the results in November. She joked, “With the way my life works, I’m sure it’ll be the day of the reunion.” For Emily’s sake, let’s hope not!

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