Tamra Judge & Vicki Gunvalson Continue To Bash “Liar” Kelly Dodd

Real Housewives of Orange County is starting to turn into a crime scene. Not a crime against fashion, although that is possible. This is more of a crime to stay significant. And the accusations are flying with a capital F You. Tamra Judge has been leading the way this season, but only because Vicki Gunvalson is now on the passenger’s side of the fun bus.

Vicki and Tamra have a sordid history between them. Tamra gained fame for over-serving a freshman Gretchen Rossi at a party. Then Tamra proceeded to watch drunk Gretchen dry hump her adult son’s leg. TAMRAAAH! evolved into, Ugh, Tamra… after that display. Oh and then there’s the angel Vicki. I fondly recall when Vicki “stood by her man” and alienated her family and co-stars as she defended her beloved who deceived literally everyone. About having cancer. Now, these two beacons of morality have decided to label someone as a liar.

Kelly Dodd cannot get a break from being maligned by most everyone these days. Vicki and Tamra are both gold medal winners in the Rumor Olympics, when they tied for first place in the Sex Train Theory event. We’ve now moved onto a different category: Name Calling.

Recently, both Vicki and Tamra spoke to Us Weekly and are gaining steam in the competition. Tamra shared, “I feel like Kelly Dodd was in my ear telling me, like, Vicki did horrible things to you. She kept reminding me of it.” Whatever! Tamra has about 12 seasons of television to remind her of Vicki’s various schemes. She doesn’t need anyone to “remind” her of anything.

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Vicki chimed in with, “I’m not harboring any ill feelings.” That’s big of Vicki. But she was demoted, so would it matter if she did hold a grudge? She continued, “I get it. And the problem is you hear what the last person tells you. … I didn’t do anything to you. We ended last year on a great note, we’re good.”

Tamra added she thinks Kelly is a liar, liar pants on fire. “The truth of the matter is I don’t want to bash anybody for being a mother and doing the things. … I feel like that’s off limits and you should never do that. But unfortunately, with Kelly Dodd, it’s not off limits,” Tamra explained.

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Speaking of nothing being off limits, remember when she went after Slade Smiley about his child support issues? Now Slade and Gretchen are testifying against Tamra in the Jim Bellino defamation case… “She’ll go after your children, your dog, your business, your husband, your dead grandparents. Nothing’s off limit to her. … You want really want to not feed into the negativity, because I’ve been guilty of it. She’s gone after me and Eddie [Judge] and my kids and everything on social media, and I will hit back and I’m like, ‘Why am I going down to her level?'” Hang on Tamra, didn’t Vicki REPEAT A RUMOR that your husband swims in the man pond? Forgive and forget, right?

Tamra has previously stated the friendship with Kelly cannot be fixed because mean ‘ole Kelly tried to turn the cast against her. Tamra also said, “There’s a fine line between damaged and evil, and I think she’s evil.” Evil like what? Alleged online threatening evil? Evil like possibly saying inappropriate things about an entire community? Or just evil in general?

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Kelly joins the ranks of Bethenny Frankel, Brandi Glanville, and possibly Tamra’s son, on the list of people Tammy Sue has recently attacked. Stay tuned to see who is next on Tamra’s list, but she should be careful. You never know who will wind up in the “friend of” chair.


[Photo Credit: Nicole Weingart/Bravo]