Emily Simpson Is Getting Hip Replacement Surgery

Real Housewives of Orange County viewers have watched the marital issues between Emily Simpson and her husband, Shane Simpson, escalate this season. Shane stayed at a hotel supposedly studying for the California Bar exam, leaving Emily to work full-time and care for their children.

I cannot think of any reason why her husband stayed out of contact for 10 days. I wish that Shane would stay out of contact with RHOC viewers.  Can viewers somehow vote to keep him off camera? His alleged sarcasm is wearing thin. And spoiler alert–Shane failed the bar exam in February. Again. So Emily is still the only working attorney in the family.

It was painful to watch when Emily revealed to her little bitch husband that she had planned a getaway to Las Vegas to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary. And she was even going to perform a seductive dance routine for him on-stage with a group called Sexxy. The one problem with this plan? Shane refused to attend his own wedding anniversary festivities. That is cold!

Emily, who is all about body positivity, hit back when Internet trolls accused her of photoshopping her Season 14 promotional pictures. Emily posted to her Instagram, “For you assholes out there who feel the need to make derogatory comments on my figure “photoshopped to look like 50 pounds were taken off” in reference to the Season 14 #rhoc promo pic…here’s the raw, untouched photo taken with my iPhone by my makeup artist. Looks exactly the same to me. This dress is a size Medium.” You go, Emily.

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She added, “I’m not sure if you all know this but I’m a woman, I have curves and they are frikin’ hot and amazing …but I’m also a human and I have feelings too. Why so many of you feel the need to say downright mean, cruel and vicious things.. I truly will never understand it.” Boom! Mic drop!

When Emily took to the stage in Vegas, she was cheered on by newbie Braunwyn Windham-Burke, Kelly Dodd, and Shane’s parents Larry and Pary. Given the fact that Emily is wearing a lace corset body suit with a thong, I might have been embarrassed to be gyrating in front of my in-laws. But Emily enthusiastically went for it and did a pretty good job. The next day, Shane arrived with flowers for his wife. Wow! I am not impressed.

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Besides weathering her marital difficulties, this attorney has also been dealing with some medical issues. In an Instagram post, Emily talked about her Las Vegas performance. “Thank you to the baddest boss babe in the land… my amazing friend @jrromas who owns, choreographs and dances in the @sexxyshowlv at the @westgatevegas,” Emily wrote.

She also said, “Thank you for giving me the opportunity to live out a “bucket list” wish of dancing on a real Las Vegas stage. You are truly a beautiful soul! It honestly scared the caca out of me, but that which scares us, can only make us stronger! My only wish is that I can do it again someday after my hip replacement surgery so I can actually move and not be in so much pain! #arthritissucks.”

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Emily concluded her post with the words, “Remember my friends, Sexxy is a state of mind… not a number on a scale! So hold your heads high and never let anyone diminish your self worth! The next time you are in #lasvegas check out the @sexxyshowlv at the @westgatevegas and trust me you’ll be in awe at the utter badassness of @jrromas.”

Hopefully, Shane can take time out of his busy schedule to be there for his wife during her surgery and recuperation. Who am I kidding? At least we know his parents will be there to support Emily.

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