Real Housewives Of Potomac Recap: Reunion Part 2

THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF POTOMAC -- Pictured: (l-r) Monique Samuels, Karen Huger, Ashley Boalch Darby, Gizelle Bryant, Candiace Dillard Bassett, Robyn Dixon -- (Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo

The Real Housewives of Potomac are ready to deliver for part two of the reunion. The big focus of part two is the Michael Darby scandal the rocked the season. On the reunion part one, Candiace Dillard blasted Ashley Darby’s marriage once again. With Michael sitting down with the women, more of the women are likely to chime in. Expect Karen Huger to hold Michael accountable.

Gizelle Bryant is probably going to be in the hot seat since she had so much to say. She (like most people) believed the allegations to be true. Speaking of allegations, will Robyn Dixon finally reveal who Michael allegedly wants to give fellatio to? The world deserves to know. Also, Monique Samuels might have more to say since the alleged groping incident took place in her home. 

Real Housewives Of Potomac Recap: Reunion Part 2

Michael’s entrance is so dramatic, but I’m living for it. Andy Cohen points out Michael creep watching the women, and everyone laughs a bit.

The men have arrived! There was so much drama surrounding the Real Housewives of Potomac men this season. This should be GOODT.

First up will be the breakdown of Monique and Candiace’s friendship. That was really sad to watch this season. Monique was almost trying to parent Candiace, and that didn’t go over well.

It’s also weird that they want to address the slave comments about Katie Rost without her there. Why isn’t Katie there to have a voice in her own drama? That doesn’t seem fair.

It turns out Monique blocked Candiace on social media. Woah. Candiace called Monique a “victim” in an Instagram Story.

Monique takes issue with the fact that Candiace took the Katie comment to Gizelle. Candiace calls Gizelle “a fool of a mess,” which Gizelle doesn’t appreciate.

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Everyone finds it odd that Ashley and Monique became friends after their drama last season. People ARE allowed to move forward. Monique echoes that and says she didn’t like the way Candiace came at Ashley.

Monique showing her messages with Candiace to Ashley was a really sketch thing to do. She wanted to clear her name and show she wasn’t making fun of Michael’s legal issues. What’s the big deal though? EVERYONE had an opinion. Come on now.

Candiace implies that there were other conversations about Ashley and Michael that were shady. OOF. I don’t doubt that though.

Monique says her saying karma doesn’t play isn’t her being shady. Ashley didn’t like the comment, but Monique’s actions later were better. I still feel like Monique knows more about the Michael groping allegation than she’s leading on.

Candiace accuses Monique of trying to take her down, but Monique places all of that on her. The conversation escalates, which causes Karen to stand up to try to diffuse it.

Be careful, Karen! Both of those women have used objects as weapons in the past during their fights! Andy says they won’t resolve their issue right now, so he wants to move on.

UGH. We have to listen all about Robyn’s storyline now. Still now married to Juan Dixon. Snooze. House flipping. Snooze. Do we have to sit through this? I’d rather hear Monique and Candiace shout at each other some more.

Robyn FINALLY sold her house and made less of a profit than she hoped for. She is doing another flip project, so we will see that finished during Season 7. I can’t wait!

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Gizelle says she felt horrible about how she acted at Robyn’s open house. Robyn says to put herself in her shoes and says Gizelle won’t do it again.

She should’ve held Gizelle more accountable, but everyone needs allies I guess. They discuss Robyn always being late, and everyone is annoyed with that.

Her children found out they were divorced through Google which is so wild to me. How would you not say something to them before that happened?

Robyn says they’re monogamous, as far as she knows, which isn’t very reassuring. Check on that, boo. Andy asks about the underwhelming tattoos. What a disappointment that was. I expected something a little more VISIBLE.

Robyn cites her family bond as the reason why she’s okay with waiting long to remarry Juan. She thinks it might happen in the next year and a half though.

I guess she’s trying to secure herself a few more seasons on Real Housewives of Potomac. The idea of that makes me nauseous, but I’ll live.

Real Housewives Of Potomac Recap: Reunion Part 2

Next up, is the next chapter of the frenemy drama between Karen and Gizelle. I think they just love to hate each other at this point. They love it. They LIVE for it.

I love the throwback clips from the first few Real Housewives of Potomac seasons. However, I’m SO GLAD the show isn’t all about etiquette anymore. That was boring and annoying to watch.

They want to get their friendship back to a more fun place. I don’t know if they can do that though. Karen says Gizelle is vicious in the interview chair, and that she is a “darling” in contrast. I don’t know about DARLING, but it’s less vile than what Gizelle does.

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They argue over a cookie baking contest scandal from years ago. Gizelle accuses Karen of cheating to win it. This is so silly, but it’s so entertaining.

The women all think Gizelle is more to blame for the drama between her and Karen. I mean….DUH. Karen says, “don’t stir the beehive if you don’t want to get stung”. YES!

They agree to get drinks to keep the friendship on a good path. Make up your minds ladies! The roller coaster is exhausting me.

Monique says she almost lost her baby at eight weeks, but I’m thankful that didn’t happen. It’s so great that her mother-in-law apologized because that’s a REAL relationship.

It’s funny watching her mother-in-law shading Ashley to her face about drinking. That’s iconic. Iconic and VALID.

Monique asks Gizelle for an apology about her open house attack. The delivery was one of the craziest moments of the season. She walked in the door and came out Monique instantly.

Gizelle doesn’t want to say she’s sorry for what happened. Ashley says she tried to get them to work it out and that she wasn’t trying to start problems.

Gizelle eventually gives in and says her delivery was too intense. That’s nice! A rare moment of accountability for the word on the street.

Real Housewives Of Potomac Recap: Reunion Part 2

FINALLY, the truth comes out, and we know that it was Juan’s sausage Michael allegedly want to suck. Everyone knew this, but it’s great to have confirmation.

Ashley doesn’t believe it, despite Chris Bassett cosigning. Since one person says “dick” and another says “sausage,” that makes it false apparently.

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They said they didn’t know about the lawsuit, so that made everything weirder. Robyn wouldn’t have brought it up if she knew about the allegations.

The topic turns to Karen reveling in Ashley’s problems. However, Gizelle ends up in the hot seat more. She wanted to bring it up at Candiace’s house despite everyone saying no. Gizelle is not phased because she says she said it to Ashley’s face that she believed it.

They can all be messy at times, so it’s not a huge deal Gizelle wanted it out in the open. Also, they might as well clue Ashley in if they’re all talking about it. Keep the storyline moving!

Gizelle felt she needed to discuss it since it affects the entire group. That’s actually really true. It was a Real Housewives of Potomac producer he allegedly touched. That could have a major impact on the show as a whole.

Everyone took issue with Michael’s Fox interview, but Ashley says he won’t apologize if he didn’t do it. She doesn’t feel disrespected. End of story.

However, Karen says she spoke to the cameraman in question, and everyone says he’s super nice. They say he wouldn’t do that if it wasn’t true.

Everyone has also heard of Michael allegedly grabbing other producer’s butts. EVERYONE says it’s true. Ashley had no idea about any of this. WOW.

The episode ends with the men coming in. Part three is going to be a showdown for the ages with everyone gunning for Michael with new allegations.


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