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Report: Gizelle Bryant’s Ex-Husband Is Phaedra Parks’ “Mr. Chocolate”

Real Housewives of Atlanta fans haven’t heard these words in a hot minute: “Mr. Chocolate.” All the way back during RHOA Season 7, Phaedra Parks was rumored to be dating a guy known as “Mr. Chocolate”… while she was still married to Apollo Nida.

Even with the text print-outs, Phaedra denied the cheating allegation, but the mystery remained. Or at least it did. Andy Cohen spilled the tea on that man’s identity.

On a recent Watch What Happens Live episode, Andy and Gizelle Bryant discussed her recent revelation that she’s dating her ex-husband Pastor Jamal Bryant. 12 years after they divorced following his infidelity. It was a sweet conversation, but then it got juicy.

Andy told Gizelle, “I’m not sure that I realized he was the guy to be rumored Phaedra’s Mr. Chocolate.” Gizelle just said, “Yeah” in response.

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Then Andy asked, “And what was your reaction to that?” Gizelle claimed, “I thought it was funny. He denied it. And I’m cool with that.” I have so many questions about this. Thankfully, Andy did too.

He asked Gizelle, “Did they date?” Gizelle responded, “I don’t know. He says no. She says yes.” She added that Phaedra “said yes to her friends.” Oh, Phaedra, trying to go from a felon to a cheating pastor.

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Andy wondered, “Would you be upset if you found that they dated? ” Gizelle seemed cool when she said, “Not at all.” However, she sprinkled in some petty when she added, “I care nothing about Phaedra. She’s not important.” Damn.

The only way to resolve this is if Andy has Gizelle and Phaedra as guests for the same Watch What Happens Live episode. Jamal can even chime in as the bartender. And, hell, maybe Apollo can share his two cents as well.

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[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/ Bravo]