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Real Housewives Of Dallas Star Brandi Redmond Thinks Kameron Westcott Always Thought Less Of Her

Kameron Westcott tossing that napkin at Brandi Redmond was heavily teased leading up to Real Housewives of Dallas Season 4. Four episodes in and we already saw it.

Brandi used the “F word,” which made Kameron uncomfortable. Girl, this is a Real Housewives show. Cursing is par for the course. In response, Kameron told Brandi “that was trash” and tossed a napkin in her face. In Real Housewives standards, the napkin toss was pretty tame. She could have smashed a glass, flipped a table, or tossed a chair. All of those are Teresa Giudice-patented moves, by the way. Nevertheless, both ladies walked away from the incident thinking that they were the victim. Ah, classic.

In an interview with Bravo’s The Daily Dish, Brandi employed Kelly Dodd’s corny sense of humor. She joked, “Well, if somebody is going to call me ‘trash,’ I just hope that they’ll recycle me, first of all.” Of course, Kameron will recycle her issues with Brandi. This is Real Housewives. If there’s no tension, there is no storyline.

Brandi explained her sensitivity to the word trash during the episode. She revealed, “It stems from my childhood, and I grew up in a military family, and we didn’t have the finer things in life. I lived in a trailer in a trailer park.”

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Brandi recalled, “I remember feeling like people didn’t want to invite me over because I was less than. What’s sad about it is I can remember those feelings, and I’ve always thought that Kameron thought less of [me], like I always have felt that from her. And it wasn’t the first time. She’s done it several times. I think I had a breaking point.”

Technically speaking, Kameron did not refer to Brandi as “trash” during the episode. However, she should know that it’s a trigger word for the former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader. We’ve gone through this. Several times. I’ve never had one interaction with Brandi, yet from watching the show, I know the word “trash” bothers her and many New Jersey Housewives.

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Cursing isn’t the best look, sure. But, there’s nothing wrong with it. If Brandi saying “fuck” was trash, then what about Kameron throwing a napkin? How would that be classified by the Highland Park elite?

Two wrongs don’t make a right. And two lame offenses don’t add up to an interesting storyline. Let’s argue about something else, please.


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