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Real Housewives Of Dallas Star Brandi Redmond Responds To Fans Who Criticized Her 10-Year-Old Daughter

We are only two episodes into Real Housewives of Dallas Season 4 and I already want to give Brandi Redmond a hug. I’m not gonna lie, that’s not how I normally feel when I watch this show (or any show for that matter). However, she has been struggling to parent her 10-year-old daughter Brooklyn and it’s been her primary storyline so far.

Brooklyn has a pre-teen attitude and a new dynamic to deal with ever since Brandi and Bryan Redmond adopted baby Bruin. Brandi took Brooklyn shopping last episode in an effort to bond, but the viewers just saw some awkward interactions and a lot of sass. Of course, that footage was shown. It’s the most “interesting” and it fits in with Brandi’s storyline. Most likely, the mother/daughter duo did have some enjoyable moments that afternoon. Nevertheless, some RHOD viewers hated a lot on little Brooklyn. Now, Brandi is responding to the criticism.

The morning after the episode aired, Brandi shared an emotional note with her followers. She began, “I have to share what I’m feeling to get this off my chest….This is my baby girl. She is kind, loving, sweet and one of the smartest kids I’ve ever known. She is the first in our family that wants to bring everyone together. She’s the best big sister to Bruin & Brinkley.”

RHOD viewers are used to Brandi laughing and having a good time. In contrast to that, she confessed, “As I’m writing this I’m in tears. You can say anything you want to about me but not children. Who knew so many people could be so hurtful and judgmental.”

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She admitted, “I don’t always get the parenting thing right and children are not always perfect but my love for my children is undeniable.”

Brandi insisted, “Those who truly know my family know Brooklyn. She’s a blessing.”

In true Brandi fashion, she concluded with a joke, “Thank you for watching and to those of you who can relate, sending [love]. Those who’ve got this all figured out, where is your NY Times Best Seller?”

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Her daughter may have received some backlash from the viewers, but Brandi got a lot of support in response to her Instagram post. New dad Andy Cohen commented, “Do not listen to ONE WORD OF IT. It’s nonsense.”

Stephanie Hollman wrote a lengthy reply. She commented, “I am so sorry you are hurting and that people are being so judgmental. Brooklyn is an incredible, smart, talented, beautiful, sweet girl and is part of our extended family. Chance and Cruz always go crazy when we are filming as well and it’s so stressful and impossible to parent on camera without being judged. You have nothing to prove to anyone. God sees your heart and knows how amazing you are. I am always here for you and your beautiful family. Please ignore the hate and focus on the love.”

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New Housewife Kary Brittingham wrote, “Omg LOVE this Brandi. Completely agree! Fuck anyone that tlaks about your daughter!!! She is amazing.”

LeeAnne Locken advised Brandi, “IGNORE THE HATERS!!!! #wegotyou #spreadkindness #ignorehate.”

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As uncomfortable as those scenes were to watch, it had to be even more difficult for Brandi to know that her daughter’s toughest moments were judged by so many people. Since this seems to be Brandi’s main storyline for Season 4, I’m hoping the viewers will get to see a turnaround before the end of it. In the mean time, she should probably take a break from reading social media comments.


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