Dorinda Medley “Wanted To Cry” When She Found Out Bethenny Frankel Was Leaving Real Housewives

Back in August, Real Housewives of New York’s Bethenny Frankel shocked us all when she announced that she was leaving the show ahead of Season 12. Why Bethenny? Why?

She is in a happy relationship with Paul Bernon, who is very private and probably doesn’t want to add appearing on a reality show to his resume. There is some hope for the future, since Bethenny left the show before and then later triumphantly returned.

Bethenny posted a special thank you on Instagram for her fans. “I wanted to take a moment to write a personal note to you. I am so grateful to you for sticking with me through everything,” she wrote.

Of course, Bethenny’s co-stars were blindsided by the news. RHONY’s Ramona Singer said that Bethenny didn’t tell anyone about her plans. Luann de Lesseps also said that she hasn’t heard from Bethenny. In Luann’s case, it may just be that the Skinnygirl maven needs to recover from the cabaret hell that Luann inflicted upon her.

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But there is one New York Housewife who seems to be taking the news to heart. In an interview with Saratoga Living, Dorinda Medley opened up about her feelings about Bethenny leaving the franchise.

“When I found out Bethenny was leaving, I was sad. I actually wanted to cry,” Dorinda said. “There’s sort of a good old-fashioned aspect to her I love. She’s a true original ‘Housewife.’ It takes a brave and fearless person to do what we do.” Wow–nice way to compliment Bethenny and yourself, Dorinda.

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Dorinda continued, “And the great thing about Bethenny is that off camera, she’s exactly like she is on camera. We’re very good, true friends. And we’re two alphas. The minute we realized we could run together in the pack, there was relief. She’ll always be one of the OGs.”

As for Dorinda, she has been going through some “alpha” life changes. She moved to a new three-bedroom apartment, which may (or may not) be housing some of her extreme holiday decorations. We do know that it will not be housing John Mahdessian. Dorinda’s longtime boyfriend was eager to move on up to Dorinda’s apartment, but she didn’t offer him a key. Or a drawer even. Yikes.

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In a RHONY confessional, Dorinda shared her views on marriage. “Past a certain age, people should not be allowed to be married. It’s for the young,” Dorinda said. “You get to my age and it’s just the opposite. I don’t even want a plant in my house!” Now Page Six is reporting that Dorinda may be taking a break from her relationship with the celebrity dry-cleaner.

Perhaps we will find out exactly what is going on between Dorinda and John when the show returns. I am counting the days!

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]