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Report: Dorinda Medley & Tinsley Mortimer Argued At Anti-Bullying Event

Good morning, class! Today’s Word of the Day is: Ironic. The definition of ironic is, “happening in the opposite way to what is expected, and typically causing wry amusement because of this”. And what do we love more than a little “wry amusement” to get us through the day? Tinsley Mortimer and Dorinda Medley from Real Housewives of New York are going to teach us a lesson in irony.

Tinsley and Dorinda have shared a fairly basic relationship. When Tinsley first appeared on RHONY, she was living at Grey Gardens Sonja Morgan’s exceptionally clean townhouse. When Tinsley began having issues with Sonja, Dorinda defended her. More recently, Tinsley sided with Dorinda during last season’s #clambakegate. Dorinda was uninvited to a party unless she apologized to Luann de Lesseps. Basically viewers have not seen a lot of animosity between Tinsley and Dorina in the past. All of that might change this year, as Tins and Dor have been spotted engaging in a war of words. Here’s your irony, it was at an anti-bullying event.

When one of our Housewives is supporting a cause that will benefit others, most of the time their co-stars will show up for support. Sometimes reinforcement from friends at a public event can lead to public squabbling. As the old saying goes, any publicity is good publicity, but does that standard hold true in all cases? Can you have a positive experience supporting an ideal that is the antithesis of what your friends are doing? In reality television, you can.

Thankfully, cameras are up and running and captured Luann’s good work with STOMP Out Bullying. She held a function last Tuesday and both Dorinda and Tinsley graciously came out to support the cause. Not really sure Dor and Tins were on board with the theme, as apparently their good vibes only flew right out the window.  According to Us Weekly, the ladies were filmed… fighting with each other. Kind of at the one place where you shouldn’t be fighting. Tacky, party of two? Your table is ready!

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An eyewitness shared the details saying, Tinsley “seemed really upset.” The witness also said Tins appeared to be “wiping her eyes” before she peaced out with new Housewife, Leah McSweeney. At this time, the cause of the argument is not known. Hopefully they weren’t still discussing Scott Kluth and the mystery of the Gucci tennis shoes because, give me a break.

Sonja and Ramona Singer were also on hand to watch Luann host a comedy show. Wait, so Luann is both a chanteuse of cabaret AND comedic stylings? The Countess is a multi-tasking enigma! Luann was thrilled her fellow stars showed up. She said, “I love that they’re all here for me, and for a great cause!” Lu then reinforced the fact that even if they fight, they still do the right thing. “Of course they came out for me. We always include each other as much as we can,” she explained.

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Sonja echoed Luann’s sentiments explaining the RHONY ladies “always support each other.” Sonja added, “We’re always advocates for anti-bullying whether it’s children, LGBT, animals.” It really is positive that any ill feelings can be pushed aside to form a common bond of support. Though I expect the LGBT community might want Sonja and Dorinda to educate themselves on the difference between a drag queen and a transgender person. Not the same thing, dears.

Now that Bethenny Frankel is off saving the world (no snark, good on Beth), the remaining cast and any new additions have some gaps to fill. Looks like some of the gaps will be filled with… fighting at an anti-bullying event. Unconventional? Yes. Typical? Also yes. Ironic? Definitely. No word on whether or not a particularly dirty martini (or five) is guilty of encouraging the heated exchange between Dorinda and Tinsley. But don’t worry, I have a feeling we will find out soon enough.

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