THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW YORK CITY -- Pictured: (l-r) Sonja Morgan, Dorinda Medley -- (Photo by: Heidi Gutman/Bravo)

Sonja Morgan & Dorinda Medley Make Offensive Comments About A Transgender Model At Fashion Week

Oh Dorinda Medley and Sonja Morgan, it’s time to make it nice! The stars of Real Housewives of New York made a major faux pas at New York Fashion Week. Neither can be accused of keeping quiet when something is on their mind. Dorinda has had many alcohol-fueled debates with her co-stars. Lady Morgan is the resident poster child for AARP candidates wanting to live their twilight years to the fullest. That’s all fine and dandy until their observations about life spill over into the general population.

Sonja and Dorinda were at NYFW to catch their girl, Tinsley Mortimer in a runway show. Tins was walking for designer Garo Faro. You might remember Garo’s designs from his stint on Project Runway. As the two RHONY vets sat in the front row, they chatted throughout the show. Unfortunately, bits of their conversation was recorded. Their candid remarks about some of the models have now opened the door for a lesson in social etiquette, acceptance, or just keeping your mouth shut.

Both Dorinda and Sonja have been on the scene at NYFW. It’s a Housewives hotspot, the cast of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is there as well. Kyle Richards has debuted her Haus of Shame Kyle + Shahida caftan collection and featured her co-stars on the catwalk. Ah, but no one will ever do it better than Ramona Singer. Serving face for days, y’all! Anydemonicpossession, Tinsley modeled for the Garo show and while she was the only Housewife featured, other celebs were by her side.

If you are a fan of RuPaul’s Drag Race (raises hand!), one of the queens from Season 10, Miz Cracker was highlighted in the show. Apparently, Dorinda and Sonja felt the need to audibly determine Miz Cracker’s gender, as the model walked RIGHT PAST THEM.

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According to an article from Page Six, Dorinda and Sonja’s flub was captured and shared. Now the models are speaking out. “Who is that?” Sonja was heard asking Dorinda. This is from a video SHE posted to her Instagram Stories regarding Miz Cracker. “Oh, that’s a guy, right?”

Okay, I know. Sonja and Dorinda are “of a particular age” and maybe not as well-versed in diversity as their fans would like to think. I am also “of a certain age” and know biological age is not an excuse for stupidity.

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Similar remarks were made in a now-deleted (surprise!) video of transgender model Yasmine Petty. Dorinda’s turn, “Well, with a body like that, it’s a guy. That’s a guy,” she remarked. Sonja responded, “Yeah, with a body like that it’s a guy, you’re absolutely right.” Pro-tip, if you are going to make insensitive comments, have the decency to lower your voice. The people you are talking about don’t want to hear it.

Yasmine was surprised and disappointed. “I was really excited to do the fashion show for Garo Sparo for New York Fashion Week because he was using models of diversity. And I knew they were filming the ‘Housewives of New York’ and I knew they were front row and literally, as I was walking down the runway, I heard them making these statements.”

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That was rather unnecessary. Do better, ladies. Yasmine pointed out Dorinda and Sonja were laughing as she walks by. They could have been sharing a mutual joke, but it doesn’t look good in context.

“It’s pretty disheartening and disappointing, especially this day in age and being in New York City,” Yasmine added. Fact. In summation, Yasmine shared, “My philosophy is that people can’t choose their sexual orientation. They can’t choose their gender identity. They can’t choose or not choose to have a disability or a mental illness or even their race, but things people can choose to do is not to be rude and cruel to people over things they have no control over.” Good rule of thumb, don’t talk about someone’s gender. Maybe discuss their shitty personalities instead.

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In a statement to Page Six, Dorinda and Sonja said, “We have a history as long-standing supporters of the LGBTQ community in many ways and apologize for our offensive comments at the fashion show.”

Glad an apology came from their publicists the source. It is very easy to assume this was not supposed to happen and Dor and Son are indeed remorseful for their remarks. Whether they have gained a bit of insight or will conduct further observations in a whisper, I think a lesson was learned.

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[Photo Credit: Heidi Gutman/Bravo]