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Vicki Gunvalson Sues Kelly Dodd For Comments She Allegedly Made While Filming In Real Housewives Of Orange County

In a land long ago and far away, known as the Kingdom of Orange County, Queen Victoria, aka Vicki Gunvalson and Lady Kelly Dodd used to be good friends. It was easy to see why the two Real Housewives of Orange County stars might be compatible. Both can be outspoken, loud, overly dramatic and a wee-bit self-centered. The special bond the Orange County royalty shared changed for them over the last few seasons, however. Unfortunately, the two regal stars have not been able to keep their royal traps shut about each other, leading to fireworks over the once peaceful kingdom.

Vicki has alluded to Kelly using cocaine, being banned from her daughter’s school and pushing her mother down the stairs. She denied spreading sex train rumors about her former friend, however. Kelly has claimed Vicki bought her own engagement ring, made fun of her facelift, compared her to spoiled milk and took jabs at her insurance business. Now, all of this fussing and feuding has come to an ugly head and Vicki has taken legal action against Kelly.

According to documents obtained by TMZ, Vicki filed suit against co-star Kelly and the Real Housewives of Orange County producers at Bravo and NBCUniversal on November 1st over statements Kelly allegedly made while filming in Key West.

Per the lawsuit, the three statements allegedly made by Kelly regarding Vicki that are in question are: “You prey on older people.” “You are a con woman.” “You engaged in ‘fraud.” It is understandable that such statements would irk Vicki as a good reputation is key in her industry.

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Vicki reportedly told the producers why each claim was not true in writing and could be damaging to her livelihood if aired. Unfortunately for Vicki, the “con woman” phrase has already been aired in the season 14 trailer, viewed by untold numbers of people. Which probably makes Queen Victoria apoplectic.

After the original filing, Vicki’s attorney told TMZ on November 1st that they had already filed to dismiss the part of the lawsuit against Bravo and NBCUniversal, apparently leaving Kelly to fend the case on her own. There is no word on the reason for the dismissal motion. Maybe Vicki thought better of biting the hands that feed her. And in hopes of one day trading in her currently demoted and bruised pear for another bright and shiny Whole Foods orange.

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In the original lawsuit, Vicki had asked that the three statements made by Kelly be cut from the episode filmed in Key West, as she believed they might be aired. Vicki requested an injunction to block the episode from airing as is and was also asking for damages.

Did Bravo and NBCUniversal quickly agree to cut the lines? I guess we will find out later in the season. If only Housewives practiced the old adage of “thinking before speaking.” But then again, who would watch the shows?

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Amusingly, according to TMZ, Vicki filed the lawsuit under the pseudonym “Jane Roe.” If she meant this as a way to maintain her privacy, it didn’t work. Jane Roe is described in the lawsuit as a “TV personality on ‘RHOC’ who is also a retirement planning specialist and president of an insurance and financial services company.” So, that rules out Gina Kirschenheiter and Braunwyn Windham-Burke!

“Jane Roe” also stated in the filing that “she’s never been sued over the last 31 years of her profession” and “has an A-Plus rating with the Better Business Bureau.” I like Jane, but she is always tooting her own horn–when she is not healing from a face lift.

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Of course, the Housewives are notorious for being caught up in litigation. Tamra Judge is currently being sued by Jim Bellino for statements she allegedly made on a podcast. Shannon Beador was dropped from the original Bellino lawsuit. Maybe Kelly can text Shannon for advice on how to be removed from a lawsuit!

It will be very interesting to see how all of this proceeds. Can a Housewife sue another Housewife–OK, can a Friend of sue a Housewife for comments allegedly made while filming? If Vicki is successful in her legal maneuver against Kelly, will this make other Housewives leery of shooting off their mouths with accusations, threats and half-truths? I can’t wait for regular updates on this fascinating legal saga–I am making the popcorn right now!

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