Vicki Gunvalson Says Kelly Dodd Has Changed Since Joining RHOC; Vicki Wants Kelly To Take Accountability For Actions

First of all, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Secondly, the Word of the Day is: hypocrisy. Former full-time Real Housewives of Orange County star, Vicki Gunvalson, is going to give us a lesson in our Word of the Day. Oh, this will be fun! Being Vicki’s friend is no easy task. It begs the question, is anyone friends with Vicki not on the Bravo payroll? Just ask Kelly Dodd. Since joining RHOC, Kelly has had disputes with most of her co-stars. From alums Heather Dubrow (I miss her, don’t judge me) and Meghan King Edmonds, to current conflicts with Tamra Judge and Shannon STORMS Beador, Kelly has added drama to the show.

Speaking of drama, Vicki is quite familiar with the word. We won’t mention her cancer-scamming sordid past with men. Or her endless fights with Tamra. It’s safe to say while Vicki once reigned supreme, the OG of the OC has morphed into the OG of the Oh Please Make It Stop. That said, Vicki is still out for blood and her target is Kelly. Vicki feels Kelly needs to start taking accountability for her actions and try being nice for a change. I will now invite you to remember our Word of the Day: Hypocrisy.

If you had to solicit advice on how to be nice, would you ask Vicki? Me either. For some reason, Vicki has it in her head that she is a good one to provide insight on the subject. Vicki and Kelly have been trading barbs for YEARS, but as per usual Victim, I mean, Vicki blames Kelly. What the heck, let’s hear her out!

Vicki spoke to Bravo’s The Daily Dish podcast and said, “I have no desire to be around people that want to hurt me. Zero.” We don’t want that either, Vicki! Maybe if you hadn’t tried to set your buddy’s ex-husband up on a date, that would have helped.

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Vicki continued “If she [Kelly] wants to hurt me and call me names, call me a pig and all these terrible things — I’ve never called her names. I’ve never said she looks like x, y, z. I don’t do that. And I don’t deserve it. I’m not going to tolerate it. So while she’s on the show, we have to all hang out together, but she’s not somebody I’m going to seek out in my life at this time in my life.” Omg, Vicki is so right, you guys! Kelly never should have called her a piggy. Except there was this one time, on a reunion show, where Vicki heavily implied Kelly was a coke head. Hi Pot, hi Kettle, so awesome to see you again!

But Vicki wasn’t finished, “She’s got to change, she’s got to take accountability, and she’s got to be nice. She’s got to stop it. She’s really, really changed from when she first started with me.” Wow, another excellent point by Vicki! But accountability is tricky. Like when you fall in love with a grifter, despite your daughter’s concerns, and then participate in a hideous lie about cancer. ALLEGEDLY.

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Vicki wrapped it up with, “For some reason, these women think fighting is going to keep you on longer. If that’s what you want to do to stay on the show, then I’m out. I want to emulate what a businesswoman can do and what you can do after a bad relationship and how you can pull through and continue to grow a business and continue to do your best, look your best. That’s inspiring.” Totes inspiring! You know what else is inspiring? Not repeating rumors!

Didn’t someone once suggest Vicki participated in a threesome? And correct me if I’m wrong, didn’t Vicki have an overly-dramatic response to this rumor? Funny how that didn’t occur to Vicki when discussing the train rumor (#traingate?) about Kelly’s sex life.

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Well, live and learn! Another valuable lesson from the always-wise Vicki Gunvalson. And remember class, today’s Word of the Day was: Hypocrisy


[Photo Credit: Bravo]