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Alexis Bellino Responds To Shade About Her Makeout Sessions On Below Deck

Is anyone else exhausted from this season of Below Deck? From chef drama with Kevin Dobson to the toxic “Bru Crew” trio of Ashton Pienaar, Tanner Sterback and Brian de Saint Pern, I feel like I have been working a long charter season myself. When loose-cannon Rhylee Gerber is the most likeable person on the deck crew, you know you have personnel problems.

This week, Real Housewives of Orange County alum Alexis Bellino showed up on Below Deck with her boyfriend Andy Bohn in a Bravo crossover move. Admittedly, I was expecting Alexis to be up to her old diva ways. Surprisingly, that hasn’t happened (yet!) as Alexis has been too busy engaging in some serious affection with her man. Kate Chastain and Courtney Skippon made it clear that they were not fans of Alexis’ excessive PDA. Not surprisingly, Alexis had something to say about it on social media.

In a Twitter post, Alexis stated, “Pot calling the kettle black???? Kissing shouldn’t be judged or ridiculed, especially if you are doing it too @kate_chastain and @courtneyskippon !!!! Fun times. We enjoyed every minute on the Valor! Thank y’all! @belowdeckbravo.”

Alexis has obviously watched this season of Below Deck, as Courtney has been romancing with Brian and Kate has had an odd flirtation with boy/man-about-the-boat Tanner. Their behavior is a little different than Alexis making out with Andy in front of strangers like spring breakers, but she has a point–in an Alexis kind of way.

Of course, Alexis had more to say, posting, “TheREAL: 72 total hrs total on the Valor yacht. 5 min total of airtime that u see from that 72 hrs. 7 seconds total of kissing recorded. Several excursions, activities, meals, naps, pools, FUN that you didn’t see. I’ll be showing THAT footage from the Yacht!!! It was a blast! #Luvthecrew.”

If we really only saw five minutes of airtime with Alexis, why did it feel like we watched five hours of kissing time? I won’t quibble with her statistics, however. I don’t think anyone ever wins an argument with Alexis with facts or logic.

In a follow up Twitter post, Alexis added, “We tired after this excursion, yet so thankful for Phi Phi Island tour @belowdeckbravo (and we ain’t kissing, hmm? ) Thx @jakebarrena for your video skills and capturing the REAL!!!!! Many more videos and real behind the scenes coming this week!!!”

Alexis shared a brief video in this post in which she and her man were not kissing–I guess that clears it all up. Advantage, Bellino! I can’t imagine what we would need to see that isn’t already shown on Below Deck, but I will give Alexis her moment in the scorching Thai sun. A sparkling new divorcee is deserving of some me-me-me time.

So, were Courtney and Kate offended by any of Alexis’ comments? A supportive Courtney took to Twitter and posted, “Not sayin’ I blame you for one second.” As Courtney had just hit a rough patch with Brian, it couldn’t have been fun to watch a couple actively engaging in affection with each other. OK–Alexis engaged in affection and Andy looking like he wanted to hide under the nearest deck chair.

Kate is also feeling Alexis amore, posting, “you were one of my favorite charter guests this season! You two make a gorgeous couple.” Considering how Kate feels about many of the charter guests, this is an absolute love fest for Alexis and Andy. Need any bridesmaids, Alexis? Kate would probably love to oblige!

The real drama will continue behind the scenes for the rest of the season with the at-odds yachties. I am crossing my fingers there will be a reunion as I am eager to see how the Bru Crew defends their questionable behavior towards the female crew members. And let’s add Kevin to that dodgy Bru Crew interrogation, too.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]