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Real Housewives Of Atlanta Recap: The Wig Pulled Over Our Eyes

Well, knock me over with a strand of fake hair because Kenya Moore finally got ousted for wearing a wig on last night’s Real Housewives Of Atlanta. And no thanks to Tanya Sam, who will not be taking thinly veiled insinuations that her fiancé Paul Judge is cheating lying down!

Back from Tanada everyone had a great trip – especially Porsha Williams who is now re-engaged to Dennis McKinley. Is that a good idea? Not if you ask Porsha’s sister Lauren! Porsha decides the thing to do is organize a dinner where Dennis will apologize to Mama Diane and Lauren, then they can all act like nothing bad ever happened!

After traveling Eva Marcille is exhausted. Eva’s also stressed because she’s days away from petitioning the court to allow a name change for Marley, which will pave the way for Mike Sterling to formally adopt her. Mike is the only father Marley has ever known, but Eva still worries that the abusive ‘donor daddy’ might make a sudden trip down to Atlanta, violating restraining orders, to contest the proceedings. Mike is not worried. I guess as a prosecutor he’s come up against plenty of hardened criminals so one little Instagram model with a temper – however horrendous and evil – isn’t quite as scary?

Eva Marcille Real Housewives Of Atlanta

For Eva this name change signifies that her ex, Kevin McCall, is finally out of her and Marley’s life. Despite her ex pretending he was in Buckhead on the day of court, everything went off without a hitch and the name change was officially granted. Congratulations Sterling fam!

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With that out of the way Eva can now focus her irritation on Kandi Burruss, aka “Salt bae’ for causing drama between her and Porsha by repeating some gossip. When will everyone learn that you CANNOT TRUST KANDI. She is a Sour Patch Kid. It tastes all sweet and tangy, but afterward you realized you’ve cut the roof of your mouth and shredded your tongue on the crystallized sugar. Anything said in front of Kandi is bound to be repeated — unless you tell her that Tanya’s man was illicitly flirting with a cookie lady.

Now Eva absolutely talked some retaliatory trash about Porsha and her man, but what benefit was it for Kandi to turn around and tell Porsha?

Real Housewives Of Atlanta Recap: The Wig Pulled Over Our Eyes

Also I don’t buy this cookie woman nonsense for one second! When she was confessing to Kenya and Cynthia Bailey that Paul asked for her number, Cookie Lady looked like was reading from a script called “How to get your business promoted on Real Housewives Of Atlanta.” Maybe Paul is flirting with other women, but I don’t think it was this one!

Also Kenya knew full-well she was trying to embarrass Tanya by insinuating her man was unfaithful. She was also trying to provoke a reaction, and hopefully rile Tanya up. Kenya was probably also crossing her fingers that if she got the ball rolling with talk that Paul was unfaithful it would come out that he really is so she’d get some dirty secrets. As it is, all Kenya presently has is some stale batter (and rumors that Marc Daly was cheating).

Porsha Williams Marlo Hampton Real Housewives Of Atlanta

As it is when Porsha meets up with Kandi, Tanya and Marlo Hampton at a spa she has figured out that Kenya was implying Paul was the guilty party and informs Tanya that Kenya is coming for her. Instead of feeling pressed, Tanya whips out a bag of fake hair and proclaims that a little tit-for-tat coming Kenya’s way in the form of a secret wig. Kenya left it at the hotel, and asked Tanya to bringing it back to Atlanta. Of course, no one is stupid enough to cross the border without checking what’s inside the package. Tanya likes bling, but ICE ICE BABY detention center is not her style!

Tanya Sam Wig Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Anyway, inside the package was a wig! Kenya’s wig! Marlo is overjoyed, and it was such a funny revelation after all the years of Kenya insisting she doesn’t even wear pieces. We all knew she was lying all along!

Kandi Burruss Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Tanya asks Kandi to deliver the wig back to Kenya since they’ll be seeing each other. Big mistake, Tanya!

The next day Kandi meets Kenya and Cynthia for lunch and cannot wait to peep on Tanya’s shade. Kenya goes full-Krayonce victim, claiming that Tanya is trying to embarrass her and ruin her hair business by accusing her of wearing fake hair. Kenya sees this move as unfair retaliation – as if SHE wasn’t previously trying to embarrass Tanya by hinting that her man was cheating, then going on and on and on about how the other woman is sooooo beautiful, sexy, and gorgeous. Um, no Kenya — you don’t get to be the victim here!

Also, looks aren’t everything! Tanya is accomplished and successful, it’s not always about being a beauty queen. Unless you’re Kenya, I suppose!

Also, Cynthia already told Tanya about the cookie lady and Tanya didn’t even seem to care. Tanya is mostly annoyed that her so-called friend Cynthia knew this information but instead of coming to her with it, gossiped to Kandi and allowed Kenya to try and hang her relationship out to dry. Kenya has no idea that Cynthia has already come clean, so that will be an interesting development.

Kenya Moore Real Housewives Of Atlanta

The other situation is that Tanya feels Kenya is being too nosy about her infertility issues. I think that may be the actual issue: Kenya is irritated that Tanya doesn’t want to be all buddy-buddy about her IVF journey and take Kenya’s advice. Tanya would rather do things at her own pace, and doesn’t want Kenya scrambling her one egg. Kenya, on the other hand, believes she has made a connection with Tanya over their mutual infertility issues and is now feeling rebuffed.

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Anyway, now Kenya has decided Tanya is Enemy No 1 so she is lining up her shade assassins. I dunno… Tanya seems like she’s a sleeper assassin, and also a fast learner, but maybe Paul is her Achilles Heel?

Finally, the day of Dennis‘ reckoning has arrived. And for this last supper Porsha is serving allllllllllll the pasta! Yet she’s not eating any of it because she’s on a diet. Is this really the day for diets? Or maybe Dennis needs to eat all her feelings.

Dennis does not understand that surprises are supposed to be good! About 5 minutes before Porsha’s mom and sister arrive Dennis reveals that he’s also invited his mom, Gina. And we know how well Mama Joyce‘s twin plays with others! Let’s hope the woman who called Porsha a scheming baby mama has also eaten some humble cookie!

Porsha Williams Mom Diane Sister Lauren Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Lauren and Diane really do not want to hear Dennis‘ excuses, and they don’t really believe he’s contrite. Dennis also doesn’t really seem to understand that his actions have affected Porsha’s entire family. Luckily they are more than willing to let him know. Let’s just say that instead of lasagna Dennis is what’s for dinner!

Porsha Williams Real Housewives Of Atlanta

This entire scene wound up impressing me. Everyone behave civilly and like adults, Porsha was very succinct in her feelings and directives that she is giving Dennis another chance, and although they are once again engaged, they will be moving at a slow and therapeutic crawl towards the altar. Diane explained to Dennis that he made the choice to propose and be a family man, and needs to act the part – or not. And Dennis, to his credit, did apologize and admit too infidelity.

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Dennis also acknowledged that this betrayal had far-ranging effects. Lastly, Porsha asserted herself to Mama Gina by sharing how she felt rejected and dismissed when Dennis‘ mother never even reached out to see how she was doing after his cheating was revealed. Instead, Gina was spending all her time “fussing” at Dennis — which doesn’t seem nearly as severe as need-be.

Dennis McKinley Real Housewives Of Atlanta

In the end, everyone but Pilar cried and they all vowed to take the word family seriously moving forward. Do we believe Dennis is sincere?

Also, this was another Nene Leakes-free episode! I honestly didn’t even notice she was gone. Also, maybe she was being sanctioned for another violent outburst?

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