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Jennifer Aydin Responds To Bethenny Frankel Shade; Margaret Josephs Says Jennifer Won’t Be Relevant In 10 Years

I have a feeling that Bethenny Frankel is unaware of it, but she is in a (one-sided) feud with Jennifer Aydin. It all started with an Instagram comment that is standard Bethenny. She responded to a clip of Jennifer from a recent Real Housewives of New Jersey episode. Jennifer said, “I’m a funny girl. I’m a comedian. I get off on making people laugh.”

In response, Bethenny commented, “Said nobody funny about themselves ever.” It really wasn’t the biggest scandal, but, of course, a caller asked Jennifer about it during her Watch What Happens Live appearance last week.

A fan asked, “What do you think about the shade Bethenny Frankel threw at you on Instagram about you not being a comedian or funny?” Initially, Jennifer had a cute response. She said, “I think she said something like ‘said no one funny about themselves ever’ and I would say she’s absolutely right. The things I say, said no one ever.” It wasn’t the most clever, but I’ll take it.

Then she said a bunch of half sentences that didn’t quite make sense with some stand-out phrases thrown in. Jennifer continued, “And, like, didn’t she leave Housewives? Isn’t she onto ‘bigger and better things’? I mean, if she wants to make a Tales from the Crypt comeback, I’m sure she can get some cast members. I hear she’s into producing now.”

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A visibly shocked Andy Cohen interjected with “Them’s fighting words.” And then Jennifer said something else that didn’t quite make sense: “You know, she can get Margaret [Josephs] to join her cast. Call me in ten years and let me know if I’m funny or not, sweetheart.” How many tequila drinks did she have?

The conversation continued on social media, as it often does. Margaret responded to the WWHL clip with “What’s truly funny is in ten years no one will know who Jennifer ever was. Bethenny will still be spending her time making power moves and giving back to all those in need. I landed the plane too bad you couldn’t land a joke #youwerecringeworthy.” Margaret is not wrong. Jennifer flubbed all of those joke attempts. 

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A fan told Margaret, “You are my absolute fave but I would ask how you would respond if Bethenny said that about you. I like to see Housewives being fiesty with her or what she says, she can take it as well as dish it.” That’s a good point. I’m sure most people would be upset to get any sort of shade from Queen B. However, a lot of them would be smart enough to just overlook it instead of drawing more eyes to the comment.

Margaret replied, “I would have said something actually funny as opposed to insult her with an unoriginal line that Teresa [Giudice] used on Kim D and then leave it at that.” Not only that, but Jennifer’s shade recycling didn’t even make any sense. She didn’t even form full sentences. Again, I am wondering about the tequila consumption that night.

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