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HOW COULD TERESA GIUDICE LEAVE HER WALLET AT HOME? All these girls want to do is see their father Joe Giudice, and now it’s not looking possible. The Real Housewives of New Jersey is always a little dark, but that is awful. All their daughters talk about is how much they miss their father. I almost had a heart attack watching last week’s episode when she realized she was missing the required identification.

A big question mark heading into this episode is Jennifer Aydin. She’s feuding with half of the group, and it gets worse by the episode. Her outspoken and over the top antics are not well received by the other women. Only time will tell if she can get back on the good side of the women who are allegedly her friends. You have to give it to her though. She brings the drama more than most of the group, and that cannot be taken away.

Joe Gorga Real Housewives Of New Jersey

Teresa is too far away to turn back and retrieve their licenses. Luckily, the jail is trying to make an exception for her to be able to see Joe with copies. I feel like a lot of places wouldn’t do that. I just hate seeing the pain on their daughter’s faces, even if they are bratty.

Joe Gorga is honestly the best brother in the world. He dropped everything right away to help Teresa get copies of those ID’s. Gold star award for Tarzan.

Thankfully, they got in to see Joe, but the visit was still a little somber. They couldn’t touch him or have any contact at all really. I’m glad he’s in Italy now because it’s a better overall situation for the family. It may be across the world, but a plane ride away is better than behind bars.

I feel like we never see Dolores Catania’s daughter so this is a fun treat. So much of her life is a mystery to me. From her kids to her boyfriend David Principe. It’s all confusing. Hearing Dolores expect to be disappointed by her boyfriend is a little sad. That’s not how you should live out a relationship. There’s nothing healthy about that.


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Shout out to Jennifer for ordering water while out to dinner with her husband Bill Aydin. The Tequila Monster can only come out every so often. No need for that thing to rear it’s ugly head every chance it gets. Some H2O is so welcomed.

Jennifer harping on Jackie Goldschneider’s cheap birthday party for her kids is already old. I respect Jennifer’s opinion about the party, but come on. Talk about a dog with a bone. Why is this the issue out of all of the issues that she’s choosing to harp on against Jackie? There are plenty of other things about Jackie that are annoying that she could point out.

A Melissa Gorga solo scene! SNOOZE! I bet she’s gathering her mom and sister around to tell them about this baby stuff. Nobody is actually buying that she might have another baby right? Every season, it seems like she contrives some new story to keep herself on Real Housewives of New Jersey. How has she not been demoted or dropped?

I was right! That’s why she gathered her family together. Even her family was like, “why is this a thing?”. UHHH SAME. Melissa, everyone can see through you.

Melissa is acting like she has an empty nest and needs to fill it back up. Her boys are still really young, and the daughter isn’t that old either. She has plenty of time at home with her kids for many years to come. Embrace that and drop the baby talk!

Teresa Giudice Real Housewives Of New Jersey

Gia’s reaction to Nonno wanting her to eat that weird combo of food was hilarious. This on top of that full giant squid he was making at 6 AM last week. Someone has been watching way too much Chopped on Food Network.


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It’s hard to watch how in denial Gia is about her father’s situation. We know he gets deported so that might be what makes her even worse. Unfortunately, they all need to come to terms with the situation and let him go.

Joe feels nothing for Teresa anymore, so what’s keeping them together? He treats her like trash, verbally degrades her, and is holding up her life. What is his redeeming quality at this point?

Let him jet off to Italy and stay there. Teresa can find a new man that actually respects and appreciates her. I know she can be an air-headed, table-flipping, psycho in her own right, but nobody deserves Joe.

Jackie is taking a page from Margaret Josephs and helping her father declutter. Margaret had a rough time doing this with Marge Sr. so hopefully this goes better. I can’t really like at Jackie’s dad the same anymore since his comments about her past weight struggles. It was so tone deaf and insensitive. To make it worse, he had no idea why that wasn’t okay to say.

Jackie and her father have a really honest conversation about weight and dieting, and it’s eye-opening. She realizes that her father thought her losing weight was so great because he never obtained the goal the hard way. Jackie’s finally opening up to her father, and maybe this will help shift his mindset moving forward. He didn’t realize the extent of her issue, so he will probably be more sensitive in the future.


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Jennifer Aydin Real Housewives Of New Jersey

Margaret’s party is going to be so over the top and fabulous and probably full of drama. Jennifer is on the outs with Melissa and Jackie right now, so anything could happen. Plus both Jennifer and Dolores dipped out on Jackie’s trip early. Some confrontation is bound to go down at this event. However, Margaret has security ready and waiting to throw people out.

Margaret’s event looks like something I would LOVE to attend. It looks so fun, but also lux at the same time. I’m so jealous of everyone in attendance. All the food looks to die for. I NEED. I shouldn’t watch this while I’m so hungry.

I’m definitely with Jackie when it comes to Dolores‘ boyfriend David. If I hadn’t seen him a few times this season, I’d agree that he does not exist. He doesn’t really appear to care much for her.

Dolores invites all of the women to a vacation at the Jersey Shore which should be explosive. Melissa doesn’t really want to deal with Jennifer on the trip, but she’ll manage. Jennifer is pure entertainment, but I don’t think I’d want to vacation with her either. She’s always starting some sort of altercation.

Jennifer’s fake hello rubs Melissa the wrong way, and we are moments away from a fight. Plus, Jennifer is drinking tequila. Ugh. I love watching her like this, but I hate it for the rest of them. However, I kind of want to see it go down.


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Jackie Goldschneider Real Housewives Of New Jersey

Jackie drags Jennifer’s marriage saying that her husband works a lot to avoid her. Jennifer doesn’t seem bad at all when she’s at home. She actually comes off as a very devoted wife and mother. She’s a lot different around this group of girls.

Jennifer tries to apologize, but Jackie tells her she ruined the trip. Margaret gets thrown under the bus again by Jennifer as the reason the trip get ruined. Nobody in this group takes accountability for anything at all. They’re all hypocrites all the time.

Jennifer is feeling HOT about this issue with Jackie, so this isn’t the end of this fight at all. The Jersey Shore trip is going to be DRAMA. These two will never get along for a real friendship.

Joe Gorga Real Housewives Of New Jersey

Joe tries to tell Bill he needs to have sex with Jennifer more to loosen her up, and that doesn’t go over well. What part of Bill makes them think he’d react well to that? So much for Margaret’s idea that the men would help calm the issue. Someone’s going to end up in a fist fight over this. Although, I can’t picture Bill fighting ever. Jennifer is the prizefighter of that family.

Cheers to Margaret on the success of her company! One thing I love about her is her willingness to put it all out there with no f**ks given. LOVE IT.


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