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The Real Housewives of New Jersey are headed to the Jersey Shore! Anything can happen at the Jersey Shore. Jennifer Aydin and Melissa Gorga are still on bad terms, so being under one roof will only make it worse. Where does Teresa Giudice’s loyalty lie in this feud? Will she still with family or side with her loyal friend? She’s given Melissa hell in the past for siding with Jackie Goldschneider against her.

Dolores Catania may regret having all of these women together in one place. She means well, but it’s a little naive to think it’ll go smoothly. All hell may break loose. Danielle Staub is returning in this episode which means possible fuel to the fire. Imagine if Danielle and Margaret Josephs end up in another fight? A lot more may end up going down than a pulled ponytail. Someone might get sent to the hospital.

Gia Giudice Frankie Catania Real Housewives Of New Jersey

It’s prom time for Gia! It’s so crazy how much she’s grown up since this show has started. Teresa wants to make the day perfect for her to make up for not being there in the past. Joe Giudice chokes up on the phone talking to Gia because he can’t be there.

This milestone event is more emotional than usual because of Joe’s situation. Melissa and Joe Gorga arrive, and Gia bursts into tears. Her uncle Joe is like a second father to her, so this means a lot. Everyone say AWWWW.

Dolores is excited about Gia being Frankie’s prom date because she knows everything about her. This is a moment that actually feels old school Italian. They say it a lot, but this time it seems like an appropriate use.


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Jennifer’s going to her brother’s fundraiser and she’s bringing her daughter. It’ll be so great to see her uncle shine given all of the bullying she’s gone through. It’s nice of her to have an example of light at the end of the tunnel.

Bill Aydin finds Joe’s comments at Margaret’s party to be so disrespectful. Most likely this will lead to more drama between Jennifer and Melissa. The Jersey Shore trip is probably going to end with more flying dinnerware.

The montage of all of the times Gia has cried on this show is so upsetting to watch. How can this family put these kids through so much? Nothing about their lives is normal. It’s been turmoil and pain since Day 1. No wonder Gia and her sisters lash out at their parents the way they do.

Jennifer’s brother’s reaction to her ordering a tequila drink is hilarious. He tells her she has to behave. This leads me to believe that Jennifer acts insane around everyone. The Tequila Monster isn’t just reserved for the Housewives.


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Despite her inability to acknowledge her son for who is he, I love seeing her there supporting him. Baby steps are important. It’s not the giant leap into acceptance that would be ideal, but it’s a start. Even more important is the positive example the event itself and the tolerance is setting for Jennifer’s daughter.

Teresa Giudice Real Housewives Of New Jersey

Teresa meets with Danielle to catch up since it’s been a while. Naturally, Teresa brings up The Hamptons trip, which intrigues Danielle. Danielle seems shocked that nobody wants her around anymore. Move on. Why are you surprised that people wouldn’t want to associate with you?

Danielle wants to reach out to Melissa to mend that fence. There’s no chance of that happening. Melissa is way too tight with Margaret to jeopardize that for Danielle. Beverly is barking up the wrong tree here.

Crikey! I’ve spotted a wild David Principe! I can’t believe we are actually seeing Dolores’ ghost boyfriend right now. He’s NEVER around. How is this a real relationship? They have zero chemistry. However, her and Frank Catania are everything and should just admit they want each other.


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SHOCKER!!! David can’t go on the Jersey Shore trip. Has he mingled with any of the other cast members this season? He’s so elusive. I get his job is demanding, but it comes across like she’s last on his list.

I am living for Jennifer buying a shirt that says “sorry not sorry”. She is horrible at apologizing anyway, so might as well make a joke out of it. I don’t see this going over well with Jackie. S**t is about to go down at the Jersey Shore.

Danielle is totally going to crash this vacation and cause a scene. She’s slightly terrifying, but it’ll be great. She’s leaving the show anyway, so let’s see one last epic hurrah. Let’s give her this moment.

The last few seasons wouldn’t be as exciting if it weren’t for Danielle and her erratic behavior. I’m not a fan of her personally, but I recognize the value she brings to the show. She shakes things up and keeps the storylines from going stale and staying stagnant.

Dolores Catania Real Housewives Of New Jersey

Everyone arrives at Dolores‘ house, and it’s only a matter of time before things explode. Melissa still isn’t addressing Jennifer, but that can only last so long. Eventually it’ll all be talked out. Whether or not glass breaks in the process is another story.

It’s so refreshing to see Teresa be so upfront about her marriage with Joe. I have actual goosebumps hearing her finally admit that Joe cheated. JUST WOW. It’s about damn time. This Teresa is not at all the Teresa that Joe married. The new Teresa is an empowered woman who doesn’t take anyone’s s**t and knows her worth.


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Joe and Bill make up a lot faster than their wives probably will. Joe is sooo into the drama. For real though. I mean, how many husbands get their own confessionals? He comes off a little thirsty. Okay, A LOT thirsty.

Joe Gorga Teresa Giudice Real Housewives Of New Jersey

Teresa is probably going to blow up about her brother joking about Joe’s cheating. Give it a few to marinate, and she’ll freak out. She doesn’t take lightly to people mocking her.

Nobody is really enthused at the idea of running into Danielle. Teresa thinks everyone should give Danielle a chance, but COME ON. There’s a reason nobody wants to be around that pariah. Her past actions speak for themselves.

So far this trip has been a lot calmer than expected. That’ll change with this group. There’s no way it’ll stay relaxed forever. Jennifer and Melissa are gearing up for another confrontation, and it won’t be pretty. Melissa doesn’t stand a chance against THAT one. Not at all.


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Jennifer Aydin Real Housewives Of New Jersey

Melissa makes a joke about Teresa going after a cute boy at the cabana. Sweetie. What are you doing? Will you ever learn? Your sister-in-law will never find that funny. She’s finally opening up, and here you are making light of it all. SMH.

Margaret throws a massive dig at Jennifer about not knowing if she works. Everyone knows that she works hard as a mother, so that’s not really fair. Here we go though.

Margaret and Jennifer have been mostly good this season, but the peace is over. Margaret makes snippy comments at people all the time, so this isn’t surprising. That’s a big cause of a lot of her issues actually.


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