Danielle Staub Says She’s Done With Real Housewives Of New Jersey

Danielle Staub has gone out of her way to stay relevant with the hopes of securing a full-time spot on Real Housewives of New Jersey. Unfortunately for her, Bravo didn’t want to buy the cow if they could get the milk for free. Instead, Danielle got married, got engaged again, befriended Teresa Giudice, and pulled Margaret Josephs‘ hair allfor a part-time “Friend of the Housewives” spot on RHONJ.

She doesn’t get a tagline. She doesn’t get confessionals. And, of course, she doesn’t get what matters most: that full-time paycheck. Now, that she and Teresa are on the outs, there’s no chance that she will be on the show next season. I mean, come on, every other cast member cannot stand her. So, instead of just fading away or getting fired, Danielle recently announced her retirement from the show during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live. Yes, this is such a moot point since she hasn’t been a real cast member since Season 2 and she has zero relationships with current cast members, but here we are. It seems like she’s took a cue from the Jill Zarin playbook. Jill is constantly teasing a return to RHONY, but she too recently said she’s “done with the show,” although we all know she’d sprint to the set if production ever called her. This is because the show is done with her, not the other way around.

Last night, Andy Cohen said to Danielle, “You’ve got an announcement to make. Tell us what you’re thinking.”

Danielle began, “Well, I have, over the last twelve years and ten seasons, have been a part of this whole franchise and I’ve been very happy to rally and stand on the platform and be here with all of you.” That is some flawed math. Danielle was a Housewife for the first two seasons. Then she was out of the game until she reappeared as a part-time cast member during Season 8. She has not been a part of this show for twelve years straight. Come on, girl. Pay, attention. Puhhhlease. Yes, that was a nod to Danielle’s line before Teresa’s infamous table flip.


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Then, Danielle declared, “But, it is time for me to leave and do something that I want to do that makes my heart happy everyday. And, so I will be never returning as a Housewife again.” Again, we all know that this isn’t truly Danielle’s choice. Bravo and the production company made this decision. A LONG TIME AGO. Not Danielle.

Andy was clearly surprised that Danielle gave up on her quest for relevance. He asked her, “Never? Wow. She’s saying the word ‘never.’ I didn’t know you were gonna say the word ‘never.'”


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Danielle responded, “I am never returning as a Housewife again… With the Jersey girls.” And, again, this isn’t actually Danielle’s choice. They do not want to hang out with her. She can’t sit with them.

Andy followed up with, “Oh, OK. So you’re open to New York or something like that? That’s amazing.” Is it? Poor Stephanie Hollman was sitting next to Danielle during her “announcement” and I have a feeling she was just hoping that Danielle was not contemplating a move to Dallas.


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Eventually, Andy asked the big question: “What will you do?” And I translated this to “What will you do for money?” Maybe she has another engagement in the works.

Danielle told Andy, “I am going to start my own cooking channel.” Say what you want about Danielle (which I do, often), the food on her Instagram does look amazing. I have no idea how this is going to amount to anything lucrative for her, but I wouldn’t mind coming over for dinner. Not that I would actually get invited considering all the shade this site throws in her direction.


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]