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NeNe Leakes & Porsha Williams Speak Out On Their Reconciliation

Real Housewives viewers have seen these people fall out over the most trivial things and remain friends over the most critical sins. Basically, there’s no logic when it comes to forecasting Real Housewives friendships.

Last year, NeNe Leakes fat shamed Porsha Williams, 6 days after she gave birth to her daughter PJ. In that same conversation, a super jealous NeNe hated on Porsha’s three-part spin-off special. Then, they just squashed their beef during last night’s RHOA episode with zero lead-up. Porsha initiated the conversation and just wanted to return to their previous “big sis/lil sis” dynamic. Maybe she just wanted to make sure she was in NeNe’s good graces before NeNe went all out against Kenya Moore. I wouldn’t blame Porsha for trying to secure a safe position in the middle of that feud. Perhaps, she just genuinely missed being regarded as NeNe’s lil sis. Either way, I find it tough to understand, but that is none of my business.

After last night’s Real Housewives of Atlanta episode, both NeNe and Porsha made it clear that they are still on good terms months after their reconciliation was filmed during the cast trip in Greece. Each of them shared a photo on Instgram with a sweet caption about their restored friendship.

NeNe posted another overly edited photo of  herself with Porsha (where she seemingly forgot to put on some fake eyelashes). In the caption, NeNe wrote, “Big sis, Lil sis is back! The past is the past! I don’t care about yesterday! We are sisters today #byereceipts.”


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Porsha poked fun at NeNe’s infamous one-liner “the door is closed” with her Instagram post. Porsha wrote, “What door? Big sis /lil sis through the ups and downs because real recognize real. It’s all love & forgiveness.”

NeNe needs all the reinforcements she get going up against Kenya, whenever that reunion actually films. (Right now, the reunion is postponed due to Coronavirus concerns).


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Cynthia Bailey and Kandi Burruss are blindly loyal members of Team Kenya. But at least, NeNe has the part-time cast members on her side. Tanya Sam cannot stand Kenya, so she’s on NeNe’s side by default. Of course, NeNe has Marlo Hampton on hand to shade the shit out of Kenya.

And then there’s Eva Marcille, who is on this show for three seasons, with pretty much zero storyline, so it’s easy for me to forget about her when naming full-time cast members. She made up with NeNe during the Toronto trip, but she’s also close with Cynthia and Kandi, who will always turn a blind eye to Kenya.


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