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Marlo Hampton Would Love To Take Eva Marcille’s Spot On Real Housewives Of Atlanta; Says Eva Doesn’t Bring It Like The Rest Of Them & She’s A Diva With Producers

As an old school America’s Next Top Model fan, I was pumped when I found out Eva Marcille was joining Real Housewives of Atlanta. However, she disappointed me with her performance. Minus that one read aimed at Marlo Hampton during last season’s Tokyo trip, Eva hasn’t made an impact. She has tried the most, yet she’s come through the least.

She came on as a friend of NeNe Leakes. However, she’s on NeNe’s bad side these days. NeNe publicly stated that the current RHOA cast is great the way it is, except for Eva. Yes, she even thinks that Kenya Moore should stay on this show. And we all NeNe cannot stand Kenyaknow that . Lately, it’s been a bit tough to side with NeNe on anything, but I’m backing her on this one. Eva brings zero to the table. And, of course, Marlo is backing NeNe as well, just like she always does.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Marlo said, “Listen, I don’t like for anyone not to have a job but, I’m not gonna lie, I would love to take her position.” Marlo also said, “I would definitely — my fans would be so excited, they would love it. But I don’t want Eva to lose her job. I don’t want her to have financial hardships again, and I’m glad that she has her position.” Even when Marlo is attempting to be caring and diplomatic, she still manages to throw in some shade about Eva’s finances.


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Marlo continued, “But, yeah, NeNe definitely feels that way. She just feels that she doesn’t bring it like the rest of us bring it. Eva is more of a diva with the producers. As in, ‘I’m doing this…’ or ‘I’m not doing that…’ or, ‘No.’ She’s just… it’s like, girl, this isn’t L.A. this is ATL, you know? We got a little hood in us, a little bit. We bring it.” I wish she elaborated more on Eva’s diva behavior with the producers. Who does Eva think she is?

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Well, unlike Marlo, Eva is a full-time cast member. Somehow. Eva replied to NeNe’s shade on The Rickey Smiley Morning Show. Eva said, “I’m a 35-year-old woman with my family and beautiful husband. As far as my relevance on the show, I choose not to… every single day be ratchet, there is already enough ratchet, i.e. her, on the show. Why do you need two? I do me, and represent the other part of Black women that are smart … well-spoken. That’s who I represent. So, if I’m that boring, you spent time in your interview talking about me because your storyline is the fact that you have no storyline.”

NeNe has no storyline? In what universe does NeNe have no storyline? NeNe has feuded with every single cast member this season. Even when NeNe wasn’t in an episode, she was the main topic of conversation. Always. What does Eva have going on? NeNe has been so polarizing in recent years, but no one can honestly say that Eva brings more to the show than NeNe does. Ever.


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