NeNe Leakes Thinks Eva Marcille Used Her To Get On Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Why does Eva Marcille have a peach, yet Marlo Hampton does not? Eva has zero storyline. Meanwhile, Marlo is bringing so much tea to the party. In essence, Eva’s scenes give the Real Housewives of Atlanta viewers the perfect opportunity to get up for a snack or bathroom break.

At the start of the current RHOA season, Eva was hanging onto some vague beef with NeNe Leakes. Eva was so mysterious about her living situation last season and she was mad at NeNe for wearing a microphone during a conversation. NeNe has done a lot of shady things on this show, but that really doesn’t belong on this list. Try again, Eva. This is child’s play in comparison to NeNe’s best work.

NeNe dished on Eva in a recent interview with The Breakfast Club. She was asked, “What about Eva? What’s your relationship with Eva?” And NeNe responded with a rhetorical question: “What is my relationship with Eva? I wanna know too.”

NeNe recalled, “She came on this show saying she’s known me for ten years. We’ve always been cool. She’s always liked me. I’ve always liked her. My husband liked her.”


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Apparently, the two of them weren’t that cool. NeNe remarked, “And I feel like she kind of used me to get on the show because she was saying things that I didn’t even think were accurate, but I was just going along with them because I knew she wanted to get on the show.” Duh. What else did Eva have going on? Of course, she was thirsting for a peach.

NeNe also addressed that scene with Eva from last season. She said, “I had to wear a mic in a scene where she was talking, but she wasn’t saying anything bad or negative or anything that couldn’t have been shown. If she had, I would have said ‘Ssshhh’ like Kandi [Burruss] told Cynthia [Bailey], ‘I’m wearing a mic.’ I would have told her that I’m wearing a mic.” Of course, NeNe was referring to Cynthia’s infamous hot mic moment where she admitted to pretending she didn’t know Kenya Moore would be at her event.


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NeNe continued, “I felt like [Eva] came back this season acting as if I had really done something to her. The person who put her info out there was Marlo. She came back with more beef with me and I didn’t [do anything]. I, to this day, hadn’t said anything about her until last week because she’s been in her interviews saying all these negative things about me.  So, that’s my beef with her.” Oh, NeNe, what are you doing? Please don’t give Eva a storyline for next season. We can’t have her around again, hanging onto a weak ass beef.

NeNe emphasized, “The person you really should be pissed with is Marlo.” I love how NeNe is throwing her good friend under the bus #TotalNeNeMove


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