NeNe Leakes Reflects On Roughing Up Cameraman In Closet Incident; Says “He Loves Me”

Sometimes I wonder if I’m writing about Fantasy Island or Real Housewives of Atlanta. Especially when it concerns NeNe Leakes. Did you guys miss seeing NeNe on the show’s premiere last night? Viewers might have noticed the OG was MIA heading into RHOA’s 12th season.

Speculation has run rampant and debating has continued over the cause of NeNe’s absence. Last year saw NeNe earning a nomination for Lead Victim In A Reality Program. One of her most surprising episodes found her attacking a camera person as he attempted to film in her personal closet. Now NeNe addresses the incident that allegedly sent someone to the hospital and speaks on whether or not that earned her a seat in Bravo detention.

It must have been a real kick in the pants for NeNe to watch as Kenya Moore opened the show with her comeback moment. It was a nice change of pace to have any screaming coming from newborns, rather than middle aged women. NeNe missed out on filming the first few episodes, amid rumors of salary disputes and a forced intermission. Now she wants to clear a few things up.

In an interview with Essence, NeNe says, “I have never been suspended on the show.” Not only did NeNe spend the majority of last season alienating herself from her co-stars, she put her hands on someone during the “closet incident”. But you know, she was “going through a lot“, so it was totally okay.

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The spectacle unfolded at NeNe’s castle, while hosting a natural hair party. When former friends attendees Kandi Burruss and Porsha Williams tried to enter the sanctity of NeNe’s bedroom closet, all hell broke loose. According to Porsha, a tooth was broken too. NeNe aggressively prevented a camera operator from following Kandi and Porsha into NeNe’s portal to madness… NeNe now admits, “I pulled the camera guy’s shirt.”

Even though the poor guy was out a shirt and a maybe couple of teeth, NeNe says there are no hard feelings. “He loves me. My producer said he loves me. The same producers are in my house every single season,” NeNe explained. She continued to blow off the moment by saying, “It’s not personal at all.” Might not be personal to NeNe, but production and viewers will never forget it.

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Speaking of viewers, NeNe goes on to say she thinks the fans had a role in how the event played out after it aired. That’s right you guys, it’s OUR fault! She said, “The viewers, or whoever, tried to put stank on it, but those guys didn’t care one bit.” Well excuse me whilst I hang my head in shame at being another person who misjudged NeNe. Clearly the entire world those of us who watched the show and saw NeNe’s violent outburst are mistaken!

Now we can all proceed knowing once again NeNe is just unfairly criticized. Thankfully, she fails to take accountability clears up any questions regarding her horrible attitude relationship with the people involved in the now-famous incident. All is well in the world, as NeNe was eventually allowed to film again back behind the cameras after definitely not being suspended. We can now go forth knowing NeNe never does anything wrong on Fantasy Island RHOA.

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]