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Kandi Burruss Says Real Housewives Of Atlanta Cast Is “Over And Tired” Of Kenya Moore & NeNe Leakes Arguing

Even though the coronavirus outbreak has postponed the filming of the Season 12 reunion of Real Housewives of Atlanta, the drama hasn’t stopped. During the cast trip to Greece, viewers saw another chapter unfold in the on-going war between NeNe Leakes and Kenya Moore. NeNe did (or almost) spit on Kenya. Stay classy, NeNe.

After NeNe’s leopard brunch, RHOA star Kandi Burruss made a joke about NeNe’s large entourage of friends that no one knew. Kandi said that perhaps those ladies were invited in case no other guests came. Oh, the shade, Kandi!

NeNe was not amused, and the ladies brought their spat to the comments section of the housewivesofatl Instagram page. It seems like Kandi and NeNe just can’t get along.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Kandi admitted that she made that one joke about NeNe and her friends. “ [NeNe] just gave people this sense of… just trying to get people [to think] I was coming for her [NeNe] during this season, when actually, I’m the only one who wanted to film with her at the beginning of the season, “ Kandi explained.


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“So, I don’t know how she changed that into trying to make people believe that I have something against her. I honestly feel like it’s just because I’m friends with Kenya [Moore],” the singer and entrepreneur said.

“I feel like everybody else is, like, we — honestly — we’re over and tired of [Kenya] and NeNe arguing with each other. It’s always one of them walking away so let’s just have a real conversation and try to do it without arguing,” Kandi told Entertainment Tonight.


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“And then, you know, get to the bottom of whatever the drama is because to be honest with you, I’m still confused on where the beef originated, you know?” Same, Kandi. Same.

Kandi stated, “People want me to be mad at Kenya so much, you know what I mean? They want me to be angry with her about her behavior on the show or whatever, but it’s, like, Kenya and I really hit it off, like we’re really cool and, at the end of the day, I do tell her when I feel like she’s not, you know, doing something that is cool or whatever.”


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RHOA viewers can look forward to another argument between NeNe and Kenya. “It was so many arguments that happened this year, especially between the two of them. And so, I just was, like, you know what? I’m over it,” Kandi revealed. “I hope they are over it. I hope–I don’t know if they will ever get to a point where they will be able to be on the same page, but it will be nice. It would be nice.”

Kandi also hopes that both Kenya and NeNe are holding peaches next season. “I think it’s better when the both of them are there. I don’t really want to see the show without either one of them, me personally,” Kandi admitted.


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