Tom Sandoval & Tom Schwartz Raise $50,000 To Pay TomTom Employees Who Can’t Work Because Of Coronavirus Outbreak

Life is very unsettled and frightening right now for all of us because of the coronavirus outbreak. Businesses have been forced to close because of the pandemic. And that stark financial reality even hit the famous restaurants featured on Vanderpump Rules.

Former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Vanderpump owns four Los Angeles restaurants: SUR, Villa Blanca, TomTom and PUMP. All are closed because of the coronavirus outbreak, and Lisa has said that all of her restaurant employees are on unemployment. I am shocked that Lisa hasn’t done more to help her employees.

But never fear! Pump Rules stars Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz, who are Lisa’s junior partners in TomTom, stepped up to the plate to help out TomTom employees. On March 23, the dynamic duo explained their plan in a video posted on Sandoval’s Instagram. “With everything going on with COVID-19, there’s so many people out of work, so many people in dire situations. People are stuck,” Sandoval said.

Schwartz added, “I think something like 7 million people are currently out of work.”


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“Including our amazing, awesome staff that make TomTom the place that it is,” Sandoval commented. “A lot of our employees are living check to check. We came onto Cameo for a reason, that is to raise money for our amazing staff.” What a great idea to donate all the proceeds from making Cameo videos.

“Also, because we are asking you to give, we are going to give ourselves. We will match everything you donate up to $10,000,” Sandoval added. Schwartz begged people to, “Exploit us. Take advantage of us.”


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Well, it sounds like many Vanderpump Rules fans did just that. Schwartz shared the good news on Instagram on April 10. He posted, “Appreciation post. Not a self congratulatory , pat on the back post. Not a may we have some recognition post,” Schwartz stated. “THIS IS A THANK YOU POST for everyone who got a cameo the last few weeks from @tomsandoval1 & myself.” Wow–it’s almost like Sandoval and Schwartz have matured. Then I will watch Pump Rules and realize that they really haven’t.

Schwartz continued, “APPRECIATION POST for all of our staff @tomtom . All together we raised 50k! All being dispersed evenly to our #ttfamily who we love and tt doesn’t exist without.”


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Of course, Schwartz also gave an update on how he and Sandoval are doing. “PS (we have both been quarantined & rigorous in minimizing, mitigating contact with anyone outside our tiny bubble. OCD.) thx for the love & support & may I never hear tom play happy birthday on his trumpet again.”

Kudos to both the Toms for helping their employees during this difficult time.


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