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Ariana Madix is accused of a lot of things on Vanderpump Rules, keeping her thoughts to herself is not one of them. During season 8 Ariana and longtime boyfriend Tom Sandoval seem to be against almost every cast member on any topic. It is safe to say that the couple is mostly on their own island.

With the season wrapping up, the entire cast was getting ready to film an epic reunion on April 3rd. Co-vid 19 had a different idea, this pandemic has placed the reunion on hold until further notice. Ariana and Tom were looking forward to the reunion being they had a lot to get off their chest with what has not been shown about their lives.

The long-time couple did a joint interview with Entertainment Tonight, voicing their frustration with what was filmed this season. Many of us are away that Tom and Ariana published a cocktail book, Fancy Cocktails AF with Danny Pellegrino – but why haven’t we seen this on the current season? Ariana is confused also. She states, “It’s the biggest, most important thing I’ve ever done in my life. She added, “we poured our souls into it for a year.”

She’s not sure why other cast members’ similar passion projects, like Stassi’s book, got screen time when hers didn’t. Last season we all got a front row seat to Stassi Schroeder going through her writing process of her book. It is strange that we didn’t have the same access to Ariana and Tom’s journey.


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Could it be that the books are two different genre’s? Stassi Schroder’s book Next Level Basic falls under autobiographies, while Fancy AF Cocktails is obviously a cocktail book with some funny Vanderpump Rules anecdotes. Whatever the reason is, Ariana makes it clear the couple has no issue with the queen of being Basic. “It is frustrating, but the hard part about that is that we’re not mad at Stassi for that. She also notes that Stassi doesn’t have a say in what makes it into an episode.

We have seen Tom and Ariana discuss their book in past seasons. It would only make sense to show us the end results. Ariana just wants everyone to have chance to share their story. She says “I think it’s important for the audience to see that there are multiple women on our show who are passionate about things, who are working hard on things, who are succeeding.”

She continued, “I think to have it look like maybe there’s only one success story when that’s not even true, or not even the case, is doing a detriment, too.”


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In Ariana’s defense we have gotten to see a Witches of WeHo Wine  and even beer cheese be made, seeing a few cocktails wouldn’t hurt anyone. “I don’t even care about promoting [the book on the show],” she adds.  Ariana stated, “I care more about people seeing how hard it is to do so, and how long it takes and what the process is really like.”

Ariana continued, “So, yeah, I’m really proud of all the women on our show and all the hard work they’ve done. I wish that we were able to see more of that.”

For now all we can do is wait for the reunion and for the couple to ask Andy Cohen why production didn’t film them.


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