Lala Kent Says Tom Sandoval Was Jealous & Berated Stassi Schroeder Because Of His Own Insecurities; Brittany Cartwright Says Stassi “Absolutely Did Nothing Wrong”

The Tom Sandoval vs. Stassi Schroeder showdown at the book signing for Stassi’s book Next Level Basic: The Definitive Basic Bitch Handbook is the biggest story on Vanderpump Rules Season 8 so far. Forget, the extremely vague feud between Stassi, Kristen Doute, and Katie Maloney or the ridiculous fallout between Jax Taylor and Sandoval over the “pre-bachelor party.”

There has always been an air of dislike between Stassi and Sandoval, ever since the start of the show, but usually their issues had to do with other people. Now, this issue is just between the two of them, well, the two of them, the whole cast, and all of the fans. Recently, Lala Kent dished on the argument during an episode of the podcast she hosts with her man Randall Emmett. Jax and Brittany Cartwright chimed in as well. And, yes, they were all #TeamStassi.

Before Jax and Brittany entered the conversation, Randall and Lala recapped the situation. When Randall said that Tom “owns the bar,” Lala emphasized that he only owns 5% and declared, “Let’s just all remember our place.”

Randall continued, “I guess Tom wasn’t made aware of it and, therefore, was upset.” That’s when Lala pointed out, “There’s flashback scenes in the episode of Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval sitting down three days before, or something like that, talking about how many people will be at Stassi’s book signing party.” Exactly. Sandoval was clearly aware about this event for a couple of days, at least.


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Lala remarked,”From what I recall, Tom Sandoval was angry that it wasn’t about him. So, he just berated Stassi because of his own insecurities.” Lala continued, “I’m sorry, but, if I’m renting out a place, or if you OK’ed me to be there, I’m bringing my customers who bought my book and the ‘owner’ shows up and starts making a scene, I’m ripping you a new asshole. I loved it. Defend yourself, Stassi. Don’t let this pretty man try to ruin your vibe.” Ouch.

Brittany joined the conversation and said, “I think Stassi was in the right. She should be upset because she did absolutely nothing wrong. She asked to film there. She got approval from Lisa [Vanderpump]; she got approval from Tom. And let’s make one thing clear: it was food and wine. They weren’t mixing cocktails. They weren’t muddling crap. Nothing. I would have stepped back there if I needed to, just to help out. Literally, it was beer and wine.” Wow. Sandoval was worried about bartenders pouring beer from a tap and wine from a bottle. That’s it?


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Jax even joked, “I mean I could have bartended that.” A one-ingredient drink is Jax Taylor’s speciality.

Lala declared, “I think there was literally zero wrong with the way Stassi approached it. I think she handled it with class compared to how I would have done it.” Jax added, “Beau was right. [Tom] was like, ‘These are my customers.’ No, they’re not. The place does not [normally] open at this time.” Randall clarified, “So this was extra money in his pocket.” Yes, it was, not to mention that it was extra publicity.


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Jax also reminded us all, “There was a flashback of him organizing it.” Days before. Brittany continued to shade Sandoval, adding, “Lisa doesn’t make the schedule. Well, guess what, Tom Sandoval doesn’t make the schedule either.” Mic drop. And Lala continued to emphasize that she just thinks Sandoval was “jealous” that the attention was on Stassi at the book signing.


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